the smell of spring

kemistry(8 - Oregon)December 17, 2011

This is my first time forcing paperwhite and my goodness.. it's so easy! :)

Here were the bulbs on 11.13.2011:

A month later.. 12.11.2011

And finally today:

This is a type of paperwhite called Chinese sacred lily. It has a strong, sweet scent that reminds me of honey. Very pleasant! :)

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Robert (zone 7a, Oklahoma)

They look beautiful and of course now I want some just to experience the scent myself! ;)
It looks like a fun and easy task to chase away the winter blues especially since they don't require any pre-chilling to bloom.
Thanks for the lovely photos.


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ymaddox(ky 6)

looks like there is alot of perlite in your soil did you add extra?

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kemistry(8 - Oregon)

Hey ymaddox! :) I use about 30% perlite in my soil.. they tend to float to the top so that's why you see many of them there.

Robert -- it sure was easy to force these bulbs. Now I cannot wait to see how my hyacinth will do. : )

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ymaddox(ky 6)

well they sure are happy was just curious for my own benefit and you do that will all your plants or just certain ones?

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kemistry(8 - Oregon)

May I point you to my favorite soil thread:

The 5.1.1 soil recipe is what I use. (I actually use 5 parts bark fine and 2 parts perlite). It works great. The plants are especially happy if grown in clay pots. :)

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ymaddox(ky 6)

so you dont use the peat or lime? i have looked at this soil mix for a long time...but had questions as to how to adapt it for each plant or are all the same. does it depend on the container you use...plastic vs. clay vs. glass etc...., does it depend on if outside or inside. because the way you do it would seem really easy get a good pine mulch at the store is that where you get yours? and some perlite and wahlaa. do you use this to start seeds and plants as well as maintain them in? sorry tons of questions bout a1 soil mix...but been thinking bout this for a long time...haha i will check out link probably should have done that before the gazillion questions..thanks!

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ymaddox(ky 6)

one last question sorry lol...some of my inside planters do not have drainage holes so i water accordingly without overwatering and they do fine...would this soil be good for those type planters as well.

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kemistry(8 - Oregon)

Hi ymaddox : ) I skipped the peat but I did use lime; 1tbsp per gallon of soil mix. To keep things simple I use the same soil for all my plants (I grow mostly fragrant tropical indoors). I got the bark fine at Lowe, forgot what the brand was. But do make sure yours is 100% bark.

Let's see.. I use both plastic and clay pots. With clay pots I've noticed that plants grow faster because the soil dries out quicker? When it's sunny and warm I do have to water my clay potted plants more often.

What plants are you growing in your planters that don't have drainage holes?

The soil is really easy to make. Try it on a few plants and if you are happy with your result then try it on more plants! Goodluck! : )

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ymaddox(ky 6)

plants with no holes include spider plant, wandering jew, philo, defenbach, christmas cactus, a ivy, a palm, and a rubber plant... just whatever i decide to grow in those containers. have some mccoy flower pots that was my moms that dont have drain holes so i just use them from time to time grow something in them lol. i dont set strict rules on things i just love to grow things, so if no holes oh well lets try it anyway and just adjust the watering schedule. but i find after they are so big they still need a good watering, they use it!

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