Really crazy but awesome idea?

xcountry695(z5b Me)December 11, 2005

I have a confederate Jasmine at my home. My idea is to take this plant and plant it above out septic tank which is only about two feet below the surface. A fence is above it nearby is our patio, and pool. The soil above does not freeze. Does anyone think that this plant could survive being herbacious? Do its roots if kept alive have enough regenerative powers to create new growth in spring. I intend to plent about one foot above the tank (They can get very hot so i want insulation. That leaves about six inches above the roots. Any ideas I'm going to try it this spring unless it won't work at all but I hope it does.

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Don't know much about septic tanks, but I do know confederate jasmine can get pretty rampant roots if it's happy -- are you sure you want this digging into your tank? I'd check with other local gardeners to hear their experience with planting near septic tanks before going ahead with this one!


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xcountry695(z5b Me)

well that is a good point but we installed the septic tank ourselves and made sure it was impervious to roots so that doesn't worry me.

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i doubt it will survive a zone 5 winter outside irrespective of where it's planted. it is considered marginally hardy in zone 7.

Here is a link that might be useful: confederate jasmine - floridata

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siliconmage(z5 NE)

I don't know what you mean by hot, but perhaps one of those plastic type enclosures or a cold frame may help the area keep a warm micro-climate when it gets near zero.

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Wondering what the decision was with the Jasmine? I have a septic tank that I need to plant something over as the grass has all died off after the dry summer last year.

Xcountry, how are you making out in Limerick? I originate from Rockland

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