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kedco15(8B)May 26, 2013

I got some tomato plants in early March from a county extension garden fair at the mall. They seemed to be very healthy. I watered and kept them in pots outside for about a month or so when they started to have brown leaves. I asked around and researched and found I should pinch off those leaves. I did and new green pretty leaves came.
Finally transplanted the plants into the bathtub container I am using -- did the soil test first, etc. The leaves are still mostly gone. The ones that are there are brown or even when I remove, are dark. In short, the plants look very sad.
There are tiny tomatoes that started a couple of weeks ago, but they don't appear to be growing much. I picked the first one today because it was a lovely red, but it is the size of a cherry or grape tomato, not a roma.
These are roma for two of the plants and 3 plants are heirloom German Queen. Well, technically only 1 of the heirlooms lived.
I don't know if this is related but all of the vegetables I've tried in the now three years I've attempted this have all been miniature, if they produced at all. One cucumber plant yielded these strange "comma"-looking cucumbers that fit in the palm of my hand. My radishes and carrots produced, but were all teeny-tiny, and I grew some lovely cantaloupes that were the size of softballs. On the other hand, my oregano and my marigolds were prolific and beautiful!
So what could be my problem? Not enough fertilizer? Last year I thought I might have overcrowded, but this year I was careful to space the tomatoes as directed. Four plants in a standard sized bathtub.
Sorry so long, and thanks for the help!

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girlgroupgirl(8 ATL)

So I must ask, is the only drainage in this tub the tub hole?
If so, I suspect that you have waterlogged tomatoes.
I also find that some things just do better grown directly in the ground, and that includes tomatoes. I personally never had much success with them growing in containers.

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It is the only drainage, but it is a large hole and I also prepped the tub to drain well with instructions by the extension office. But that is a possibility I guess. The tomatoes are beautiful, though, and I had the one I picked. Quite tasty! Just very very small. And the cantaloupes I did last year were in the ground but very small.
And as if to mock me openly, when I went out the next morning after posting the above, the leaves were green and gorgeous and plentiful.
I did fertilize yesterday. I don't know if that will help.
Thanks for the help. I'll keep that in mind and I'll try something different for my next planting.

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