WANTED: Caserta Squash Seeds

anney(Georgia 8)April 20, 2009

I've been wandering around GW trying to find some Caserta Zucchini Squash seeds, and after being reminded that this is probably the place to ask, I see I should have come here first!

Have trades, see my list.

I want only about five Caserta Zucchini seeds for a project to make an organic death-trap for cucumber beetles. I'll save the seeds for the future, so just need enough to get started. According to research, cucumber beetles are really attracted to the cucurbitin fragrance of this squash. (Click on the state, Georgia, and scroll down the page to the list of plants cuke beetles like most.) Given its cuke beetle magnetism, it may be a squash you don't want anyway!

And that's great for my purpose. I want to grow the squash, remove an occasional fruit, make boats out of 2 halves, pour a little Sevin into the scooped out spots, and set them in protected places around the perimeter of the garden. These kinds of traps work with tayuya powder (a South American gourd) that you have to buy over the internet and mix in cups with Sevin. This will be cheaper and easier. Nothing is attracted to the "fragrance" of the Caserta squash except cucumber beetles, and they're the ones that die.

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