What is your favorite frangrant plant from zone 7 and colder

kaihui(Z7 VA)December 23, 2007

There is one similar thread, but those guys in tropical areas are just too lucky. They have endless choices for fragrant plants.

Now, please list your favorite plants for zone 7 and colder. Indoor plants are OK, but they have to be easy to grow. For instance, Gardenia is not eligible as it is too hard to grow indoor, and it does not do well outdoor for zone 7 and colder.

If you decide to list indoor plants that most of us don't know much about, please kindly tell us your successful stories (growing tips).



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kaihui(Z7 VA)

I will give my shot.

My favorite fragrant plant for zone 7 and colder is night blooming jasmine.
1. I grow them in containers. It is extremely easy to grow. Less water, more water, don't kill it. Grows best in full sun, but it does OK indoor in winter with much less light.
2. The fragrance is so strong and heavenly.
3. It blooms few times a year,and each bloom lasts couple of weeks.
4. You don't need to wait 5 years for blooming. It grows so fast. You will have the fragrance the first year if you start from seedlings.
5. Rooting is so easy. I am not an experienced gardener, but I have rooted several night blooming jasmine.

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I have quite a few, and will have plenty more outside this spring..but I think my favs that I have are
1.star jasmine..you walk by forgetting its there till the scent hits you..I always have to go back and just stick my face in the plants and get as much as I can, lol. Wen blooms fall off the plant, I pick them up and float them in a glass in my kitchen, scent lasts for aprox 24 hrs after they've fallen off the plant! And they change from white to a pretty pink/purple color after they fall.
2nd is Lemon Lily.

Kai, you didn't tell us yours!!


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jview(Z7a NY)

My favorite outdoor plants for fragrance are Lilly of the Valley, Hyacinths, Lilacs and I would like to include Mock Orange but I have been unable to get a truely fragrant one like those I remember from when I was a child in Detroit. (I have bought several which claimed to be fragrant but were not.) My favorite indoor fragrant plant is Murraya paniculata, just put it out in the summer. I used to think that gardenias were impossible but the secret seems to be to keep it where it will be cool at night, like between 50 and 60 degrees.

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kaihui(Z7 VA)

Thanks for the contribution.

Daniella, I did write down my favorite plant right after my originla post.


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My favorite z7 hardy plants for scent are lonicera fragrantissima, magnolia grandiflora (and mag. virginiana and most other scented hardy magnolias!), daphne x burkwoodii, viburnum carlesii, and some of the deciduous azalea hybrids like Snowbird and Marydel.

I hate to mention japanese honeysuckle because it's so invasive, but there's nothing like it on a hot summer evening!


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jeelli(5/6 CT)

Outdoors, I love my Lemon Sprite Rose bush. It grows these vivid yellow flowers, and true to their name they have a strong lemony-rose fragrance. I'm so glad I planted them next to my deck!
I also love Lilacs and Hyacinths. My Hosta 'Guacamole' remind me of Jasmine.
Some of the indoor plants I leave out in the summer are African Gardenia- which has a clean fresh smell, and Datura- I don't know which variety, but the flowers are white.
I have Cestrum Nocturnum which has such a strong fragrance at night. I also love fragrant Bouvardia, but I have had such a tough time growing them.
I have a few Gardenia varieties- Gardenia Coronata has bloomed twice indoors on a small plant (from Logee's) and it's a tough little cookie. I had a Gardenia (Sweet?) from Aloha Tropicals that bloomed two days after I received it in the mail, but unfortunately I broke the main stem- it was an unfortunate accident! As soon as it warms up enough I'm ordering another one.

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chills71(Zone 6b Mi)

Clove Currant (Ribes Odoratum)

As pretty as forsithia in bloom (and at about the same time of the year) with a fragrance that carries well.

Hardy to zone 2 or 3 if I recall correctly.


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My favorites are Nicotiana Alata, Double Blue Petunias, and Brugmansia

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Sorry for the late contribution but my favorites are Nicotania Alata and 4 o'clocks. I love how both of them send out a strong jasmine fragrane that lingers in the air when the sun goes down. I'm surprised that more people don't plant fragrant plants.

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Cindi McMurray

We have a Russian Olive tree that has the most wonderful sweet scent for 2 weeks every spring. Butterfly bushes have a spicy scent, and all of the plantaginea hostas have such a clean, sweet bloom. An older iris with small purple blossoms smells like grape soda pop and attracts neighborhood children! I wish I had more fragrant plants that bloomed for months like the southerners have.

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kaihui(Z7 VA)

Thanks for all the contribution on this thread. I ordered 7 plants from Almost Elden and I will order few more from Logee.

My problem is to find enough sunny spot for them in winter.


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