Is my Coral Bean Dead?

chezrondirtfaceMay 31, 2008

I have had Erythrina x bidwillii for three years now in Athens, GA. It sprouts from the ground every year. Last year it was 15' x 15'! This year I have observed no signs of life from my magnificent plant. Do you think there is any hope of delayed growth? It is sometimes a little later coming up than some plants, but I don't think this is normal at all. It is in well-drained soil on the top of a hill, in full sun with nice mulch. Thank you for any advice. I LOVE this plant!

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I dunno, doesn't sound good!
Haven't grown that one, but had one of it's parents, E. herbacea, for many years. Unlike x bidwillii, it was fertile and I would find seedlings all over the back yard. I never removed them, but they never grew into mature shrubs and would disappear after a few years.
An absentee owner next door, after repeated warnings from the HOA, hired some day workers to clean up his property, without telling them where the property line was. They cut my shrub down and it never returned.
A combination of drought and the past winter temperatures colder than we have experienced in several years, may have been too much for your plant. I lost several old, established plants/shrubs and had tremendous dieback on a huge number of shrubs and trees.

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After no signs of life, I bought another one. Thanks.

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Hi chezrondirtface,

I am looking for Erythrina x bidwillii and was hoping you wouldn't mind telling me where you found one to buy and the cost. I saw a display plant at a nursery and fell in love but they had no plants for sale which was very disappointing!

Thanks much,

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Plant Delights has it.

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