WANTED: kuta squash

pansyface2006(8b)July 30, 2008

Parks used to carry these but have been discontinued. In moving, I have lost my seeds and can not find them anymore. Perhaps some of you have some seeds or know where I can locate them.



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I'd love to find some Kuta squash seed too. Many years ago I also got it from Parks. I've read online that Magda is the same thing as Kuta but I've never grown it so I dont know that for a fact. It does look the same. Im going to try some this year.
Magda is a hybrid :( and I dont remember if Kuta was or not.
Any clue? And perhaps thats why it disappeared from the market.

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Has anyone found a source for Kuta Squash seeds? There was a reference to Kuta Squash being sold last year -- here is the web site http://www.specialtyproduce.com/index.php?item=631&name=Kuta_Squash

I am still looking for a seed source.

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Years ago I grew kuta squash in our garden and made lime kuta squash cookies. Does anyone have a cookie recipe for kuta squash? I seemed to have misplaced the recipe.

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I was cleaning out my junk drawer the other day and found the recipe pamphlet that came with the seeds I bought years ago. I also found a few seeds, I suspect they are about 15 years old. I am going to try to germainte a couple to see if they are still good.

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I'm hoping RedWiggler is still a member and that the e-mail address is still working. I'd love to have some kuta seeds if they got them growing.

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