best climbing rose for arbor

eagertopaintMay 27, 2010

My husband is building me an arbor entrance gate into my backyard and I want to plant climbing roses on it.... What are the very best climbers for arbors? Anyone have experience with roses that they could suggest. Thanks so much for your help.

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girlgroupgirl(8 ATL)

Well, there are some questions?

Sun exposure

Soil type

Approximately where in Georgia are you situated.

Are you planning on spraying the roses with chemicals or growing without chemicals or not spraying anything at all?

Roses need a bit of love a few times a year to be successful,

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I have full sun, clay soil and in Newnan, which is south of atlanta. I grow several other roses and am not really fond of using a lot of chemicals....I usually use Rose Tone as my food, and occasionally use the Bayer systemic products to control some diseases and insects.... I am leaning toward Don Juan or Climbing New Dawn...Anyone have either of these and what experience have they had with these? Any other suggestions. Thanks so much.

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girlgroupgirl(8 ATL)

New Dawn is my recommendation for you. I don't happen to have it, but several of our neighbors in the area do. They are not hard to grow without chemicals, beautiful, large, and the flower color is so easy to blend in with the garden. Looks smashing with blues and purples! I know a woman who has lined her entire garden fencing in them, it's a spectacular show.

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Thank you girlgroupgirl for your support on the New Dawn. I was planning on combining it with clematis's, so it sounds like a good one to go with.... I hear they are spectacular.

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girlgroupgirl(8 ATL)

Clematis would be a nice mix with it. Especially one that will re-bloom here (I'm not so good with clematises, especially re-blooming ones....)

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I am a big fan of 'Red Cascade', if you decide you want a red... It's got smaller blooms than Don Juan, but is absolutely *covered* in them this time of year. It has been remarkably hardy for me too- hasn't required much of anything. Good luck!

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buford(7 NE GA)

Hi eager, I think I wrote to you on the rose forum. I don't have New Dawn, but everyone raves about it. Don't worry about clay, my roses seem to love it. And rose tone is very good too.

I used to use the Bayer systematic, but I have too many roses now. I just use alfalfa and rose tone and I do spray with just the Bayer fungicide to control black spot. I don't worry about bugs too much. The worse are Japanese beetles and they haven't been that bad the past couple of years. I just pick them off and drown them in water.

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Thanks everyone for all your help. I went to a local nursery and found the climbing New Dawn on sale, so needless to say, New Dawn roses it will be. I am pairing them with a purple clematis...Rain has slowed down progress on the arbor...

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