Wintersweet Blooming (Chimonanthus)

MichaelL(Spokane6b)December 12, 2012

It opened it's first flower on November 30th. Now, there are enough open that I can catch it in the air as I approach the shrub. If you haven't smelled Chimonanthus, imagine this: 2 parts Arabian Jasmine (sambac), 1 part Juicy Fruit Gum, and a dash of black pepper!

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Another picture of can see the buds. It has been very slow to lose it's leaves. Hall's honeysuckle is wandering into it.

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Robert (zone 7a, Oklahoma)

Beautiful pics! Thank you for sharing. I've read that Wintersweet has a Sambac Jasmine scent. Really makes me want to make room for one! I also like your honeysuckle nearby to have scented blooms when your Wintersweet is not blooming.


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your plants are way ahead of ours this year.
here is a photo of mine which wasn't in full bloom until feb., 2011. it has grown to over 10' tall and most of the flowers are above my "nose" level so i don't get much of the scent! :-)

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I think this is a true "winter" blooming shrub that needs cold to get it going. Alabama probably doesn't cool down enough until mid-winter. My plant is slightly ahead of last year. We've been in the 50F to 20F range for almost two months, with a few short spells where we stay below freezing during the day. By the way, the color of your flowers is much more intensely yellow than mine. AND, you can prune your shrub hard in early spring to encourage growth down low, and then pinch the growing tips after each shoot produces its third or fourth pair of leaves. You will end up with a more compact shrub with thousands of flowers!

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This amazing plant love cold and freezing weather

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Nice flowers. A little bit of jealous... I wish I could grow it outdoor just like you guy do.

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I post lots of photos on, search "keyecsc" will see and give some comments, thanks.

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