Suggestions for Reputable online site for fragrant flowers

yaslan72December 16, 2013

Hello EVeryone,

Happy winter...I'm new to this forum but loves tropical and fragrant plants.

I was wondering where is a good site to purchase fragrant plants/seeds?

*Michelia Champaca
*Golden Michelia Alba
*Michelia Figo "Banana Shrub"
*Michelia Alba

Also, does anyone have suggestions for a low maintenance but fragrant flower?

Thank you and stay warm!


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Gardino nursery for starters. Great service and plants. I don't know what you mean by Golden Michelia Alba, but rest of them from Gardino.
If you want M Figo Skinneriana , then Nurcar. com is a good nursery, and I bought from them years ago.

I however don't know how hardy these trees will be in your zone.HTH.

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I copy and pasted posting of 'Golden Michelia Alba' but it's the joy perfume plant.

Gardino has nice flowers; I will be ordering from them shortly.Thank you for the suggestion.

Happy Gardening,


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Robert (zone 7a, Oklahoma)

Hi Bo!

Welcome to the forum!
You'll find lots of awesome ideas and helpful people here. :)

I got a Michelia alba off eBay (epotsgroup was the seller).
It was very healthy and I was quite happy with what I received.
I didn't really care for the scent and in summer gave it to a friend.

For M. figo I would suggest Almost Eden.
I've always been very happy with how large and healthy the plants are that I've received from them.

Good luck!


Here is a link that might be useful: M. alba off eBay

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Hi Robert,

Thank you! you're very kind. I look forward to meeting other plant-loving folks.

I love Almost Eden and epotsgroup has really nice plants. I look forward to ordering from both! Do you have suggestions for low maintenance fragrant plants?

Thank you!


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Where in Washington are you? I grew up in Seattle near water- where the low temps were somewhat regulated, and was able to keep star jasmine hedges in front of my stairs and regular poets jasmine against a warm wall. Also the Kleims Hardy gardenia did well for me there and is a fragrance powerhouse. Also, lilies are dead simple to grow in western Washington. Also sarcacocca (spelling!?), daphne, and witch hazel for winter fragrance. Good idea to get these at a nursery because some are more fragrant than others.

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Hi Pea,

I live in Vancouver, WA. The star and poet's jasmines and Kleim's hardy gardenia are excellent suggestions.Thank you. I also found that chuck hayes and frost proof gardenia are suitable contenders as well.

Happy gardening and stay warm!


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Embothrium(USDA 8 Sunset 5 WA)

You won't be able to overwinter most of those on your original list in Vancouver, as you are not on salt water - unlike around Puget Sound - and the first two are much too tender even for the milder Seattle sites. (Another factor to keep in mind is that when people post about growing certain borderline plants outdoors in the area the last killer winter here was in 1990; post-1990 plantings have not been through a true test).

A banana shrub has been grown for many years in a south-facing Seattle garden (see the web site of Arthur Lee Jacobson) but I don't know about this lasting through the colder winters down there.

Independent garden centers here stock fragrant shrubs such as those that have been mentioned in this thread, including alternative evergreen magnolias in Sec. Michelia trucked up from California. Closest to you the main outlets for this kind of thing are probably Portland Nursery and Cistus Nursery - but the Willamette Valley is a major horticultural production center and I have not checked out every independent garden center and other retail nursery down there, by any means.

Two major sources for magnolias specifically (as well as many other kinds of plants) that are at the other end of the valley that should not go unmentioned are Gossler Farms in Springfield and Greer Gardens in Eugene. See their web sites. You should also look at the huge offering of forestfarm, which is now being operated to support the new Pacific Botanic Garden being made down in the Rogue Valley area.

For the Magnolia part of the Cistus site (note that they are using the same re-classification of Michelia etc. into Magnolia that I am; another point I want to make is that I would add one zone to those they often give - when they say a plant is hardy to Zone 7 I'm inclined to think really it will be Zone 8, and so on)...

Here is a link that might be useful: Cistus Catalog - M

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