Little Black Bugs on Cucumbers

linchat(10b)May 20, 2008

Hello all,

I have some little black bugs on my cucumbers here in south florida. They do not seem to be alive, just the shells of something that was alive. Are these cucumber beetles? They are all black with no color. Danger to plant? Any organic methods to clearing them out?


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Sounds like some kind of scale. I would just wash them off with a hose.

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They do not wash off real easy.

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Okay, go for a mix of garlic juice and soapy water then. That should do the trick. A cupful of garlic juice (you can buy the stuff in any supermarket or drain the liquid from a jar of minced garlic) in a gallon bucket of water with good, old-fashioned liquid soap. Drench the entire plant three times over three weeks.

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treefrog_fl(z10 FL)

I kinda doubt the cucumber plant will last three more weeks in this heat anyway, with or without the soap and garlic.
They seem to have a very short window of tolerance to south Florida's climate.
Very much spring plants for me. Very touchy plants to bring to harvest, though it can be done.
Wish you success with yours.

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So far they are doing well, well, at least 2 of them. Feels like summer is definitely coming early! They have been demanding of water.

Will try soap and garlic, can garlic powder mixed with water work?

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I've not had the same success using garlic powder that I have using the juice.

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I have holes in my cucumber leaves and I found a small green caterpillar underneath a leaf and a black beetle dead next to my plants the other day. I have holes in my leaves and yellowing. Can anyone tell me what is eating my plants?

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Probably army worms or cut worms. If so there will be lots more, and you can usually find their black poop around. They will attack with a vengeance and destroy stuff quickly.... Often they will eat away the leaf but leave the co ering, making it look clear or greasy. The best thing for them is BT spray. (bacillus thurengensis). You can get it at home depot. Follow th directions and get it on there ASAP or they will eat everything,

The beetle might be unrelated.

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