blooming in december.. hi to all of my friends.. new to this for

Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, VirginiaDecember 1, 2012

Hi There Everyone!!

Myy dear friend Mike wanted me and has been trying to get me here for awhile, so i finally decided to check this forum out. Much to my surprise, i have noticed many friendly names and wonderful people that i have chatted with throughout the forums.

Robert... MAHALO NUI LOA!!! My friend!!!

Who would know that my Plumeria buds would be hear!! I am so happy to see you!!!

Nice to see you still have blooms in November~~

The only fragrant bloom that i have right now is an Orchid called Onc Sweet Baby.. Here she is...

I have many Plumeria that are very fragrant, but are all looking like sticks at this moment.. maybe i will post later , just to give those who don't ever see the crazy ways of us plumeria nuts protecting many and i mean many Plumeria over the winter. My husband claims that there is a clause in Divorce courts that claims he can divorce me for to many Plumies.. Oh, well... I guess i will miss him!! LMAO!!!

Thank you MIke for taking me here and hi to all of my friends that i see at other threads..

Hope to chat with you all soon!

P.s. MY Orchid has bloomed for three years now and it smells like Chocolate, but at times.. it loses its fragrance.., strange?

Take care,


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welcome laura! Looking forward to your plumies, I only have 7 sticks so I'm safe from eviction yet..Now that the balconies seemed a little empty it pushed me to a rose spree.. I wanted to add that my oncidium red fantasy smelled last night too but not the previous nights, who knows what's up with these twinkles...

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Laura!!!! Aloha and welcome! I hope you stick around with us! It makes for a very nice forum to add you to the list of very wonderful people here!

I am not sure of where everyone is today, but I am sure they will be by to welcome you here and show you their beautiful plants too:-)

Your Orchid is beautiful! How in the world did you get it to re-bloom Laura!?
I guess if you can get your Plumeria to bloom and look so pretty, I guess you can get your Orchids to do the very same thing. Great job and thank you so much for sharing those beautiful flowers! Oh, it makes me want to run out and sin

Again, welcome here. I know you will fit in and have plenty of fragrant plants to share with us. I can't wait to see more:-)


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Hello All,
I have been ease dropping for a few days but wanted to share a few of the photos of orchids I have in bloom. Most began late October - early November but remain in bloom although the fragrance has diminished. One is the Onc Sharry Baby which rotates between my mantle and the dining room. The other two are Cattleyas. The white is very mild but worth getting closer to enjoy the fragrance and the pink, purple, white mix can easily scent a room with its gorgeous fragrance...almost like a perfume with a hint of spice. Another cattleya with one bloom and one bud will be posted when the other bud opens. This is my first photo posting so I hope they come through. I thank you all for inspiring me with you photos.

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Onc Sharry Baby

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A big welcome, although I am also new to this forum. Just started my fragrant plants journey last week. Please do not tempting me with the Plumeria, ok? :)

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Hey, Laura! I stop in from time to time to see what Mike has blooming!

The only fragrant plants I really have are the roses and other items out in the gardens... and everything is finished for the season. I'm hopeful of Plumie blooms next season, though!

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Well, I am happy to report - I've got several blooms even though it's december and all my plants are indoors.

My Red Fury Mandavilla is open as of this morning! Yeah! And, I have more of my pink seed Geranium blossoming. Sad to say that neither of these are as well scented as a Jasmine would be. But, Beggars cant be choosers.

No Plumies for me... they're to big for my li'l attic appartment. I am becoming more and more tempted by the orchid pics that seem to be posted in great abundance recently. I keep telling myself not to be tempted on those because it'd be to easy to want them all. I have a whole lot of transplanting to do, and soon - all the plants that were only a few months ago bought and put into 4 inch pots - look like they're needing upgrades now to larger sizes. I'm stressing because the window sills won't fit larger pots ... meaning I may need to change out from having my metal tiered stand to switch to a table top set-up again.

I sure did like the tiered stand idea while it lasted. My Isabelle-cat couldn't nibble on the jasmines on it. (yes, always the jasmines) She's such a brat.

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Roseyd, there are some dwarf plumerias!! You'll hate me for this..

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My DARRLING FEnIUS - dwarf is still 5 feet... what would I do with a 5 foot tree with only 4 foot windows?

:) Unless you can recommend a bonsai variety? :D

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Oh yes, 'DWARF' as in only about one foot tall and hardly grows taller or wider after that with such FRAGRANT flowers!
By the way, mine has been in a 4 inch container for two years and loves it.

Does that help Rosey? lol
By the way, such a beautiful flower!

Fenius, now she will hate the both of us.Hehehe

Hello Jodik! I feel honored:-)

Green, you have to love that scent from that orchid! I am still waiting for even a spike on the two of mine. So far, nothing!

Rosey, Laura, Jodik, Fenius, Green and many others, pics please?

Where's Robert these days?


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Hi, Laura, How are your? Good to see you here. I recently bought a Singapore plumeria that came with 3 leaves and now only one leave left. I was going to post in plumeria forum to get expert's diagnosis but I don't need to now... I can have all the experts here in one forum which is great....

My plumeria is evergreen type . what is the best way of take care of plumeria in winter time? My house temperature is between 55-65. I currently have it next to east face sliding door. Is there a way that I can let go dormant? I think I can take care a stick better than the whole plant.

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Mikey, yes - that's my kind of plant. :) Where can I find one?

OG, I have a similarly dormant looking Adenium all the leaves have fallen off and it just sits there, taking up south window space - 15 hours of T lights overhead too. I'd say she was dead, but her stalk looks healthy. I watered her this morning, and the last of her leaves fell off when I did it.

She's in my warmest room and with all those lights, you'd think she'd be thriving - but, nope. But then, she's sitting beside a Jasmine plant with almost no leaves ... either my late turning on of the heat put my plants to sleep - or they felt bad that I was crowding that window so figured that if they dropped their leaves they'd help out the other folks behind them begging for rays.

I noticed my honeysuckle, this morning was getting a bit of a sticky leaf problem. I pulled off the 2 affected leaves, but don't know what's causing them to get these sticky clear looking granule thingies on the bottom of those leaves. I hope it's not a bug...

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Olympia, you made my day! I have one just like yours.
So easy to care for whether it drops leaves or keeps them on.
This type goes dormant at those temps and such little light whether it looses its leaves or notr:-)

What's nice is that whether you stick it in a sunny window or anywhere in any room with or with no light at all, it will live on perfectly fine as long as you do not over water.

I treat mine like any other plant. It's in a fast draining mix that dries out within a day or two and I water it when the mix is dry.

Olympia, it is the easiest plumeria I have ever had!

The only way it will come out of dormancy is by introducing more than 8 hours of light, sun even better and temps above the mid fifties.
If you want flowers, then a FULL sunny window in the early part of spring in warmth will do:-0).

Hope this helps you and we should post some pics of our plumies.
It should grow lots of leaves come spring again.

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Rosey, I must have just miss you!

My Desert Rose does the very same thing! As soon as the nice HOT sun is gone, mine goes bald and stays that way even in a south facing window in a warm room. Actually, it look pathetic and teh evry ends get soft and shrivel to a certain point. I still love it though!
It was a surprise gift from our soon to be good friend Laura to all of you here!

It is dormant no matter what I do. Then if I force it to grow this time of the year, it is not the healthiest of plants and therefore draws bugs of all sorts to suck the leaves dry. That is why they are considered mite magnets.
I like them better better bare so I don't have to worry about that.

Mine will start to leaf out right about March when the sun finally makes its impact on us. And boy, about May, it flowers!

Now, where can you get a beautiful miniature plumeria? I'll hook you up. It's the only place I know of and boy do they smell heavenly when I go for a visit and whiff them!


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Robert (zone 7a, Oklahoma)

Hi, everyone!

I was happy to see someone started a December thread and even more delighted to see it was a fellow plumie nut.
Welcome to the fragrant group, Laura! :)

I hope you start sharing your fav plumerias for fragrance with us.
I didn't even know you knew Mike! I'm glad he persuaded you to join us. ;)
I saw Jen (jandey) on the brugmansia forum. It's always nice to see familiar friends out there.
My Phet Pachara plumeria still has some blooms however I left it outside in the sun yesterday while I went shopping and when I came home it was droopy from lack of water so I don't have many flower buds left. Gotta remember to water more often when growing them in the gritty mix!

Your Oncidium looks great! Funny that all of ours are blooming at the same time.

Here's what's blooming for me (finally) in December.
Ponderosa Lemon. The blooms are huge! Don't look at the leaves...I know they're a disgrace. Laugh.
I've been watching the buds get fatter and fatter for weeks and today I got my first. The scent was stronger at lunch than it was this morning.
I can imagine how powerful the scent must be when many blooms are open!

I hope other people keep sharing their photos of what's blooming to get us through the dark days of winter. :)


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Robert (zone 7a, Oklahoma)

Almost forgot...greengirl2009, thank you for sharing your orchid pic with us! I'm looking forward to seeing your cattleya pics. I've been thinking about trying to grow some or at least some cattleya hybrids like Logee's 'Carmela'.
I'm a sucker for descriptions like this - 'Carmela' filled the air with a heavenly scent while waiting to be photographed for the catalog.'. Laugh.
So any cattleya varieties you recommend for scent I'm all ears! :)


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I once tried growing a Mandevilla, but conditions, and my knowledge at that time, were lacking... and sadly, it didn't make it. That's a beautiful red, though, Rosey!

Ah, yes... the Adenium, or Desert Rose. I've wanted to try one of those, too, for a long time... but haven't gotten around to getting seeds or anything. I had completely forgotten about them. I was all about bulbs... still am, but I think it might be good to branch out a bit, so to speak! Now you've got me wanting one of those again, Mike! Way to go! LOL!

I have nothing indoors in bloom at the moment... and nothing outdoors... but earlier this year...

Lycoris Squamigera, or Naked Ladies...

Mike's Yellow Rose...

A Buck, the name escapes me...

Climbing White Iceberg...

A name totally escapes me on this one, but I love it!

Actually, most of those photos were taken in November, so I hope they count? And I believe them to all be very fragrant!

I could share literally hundreds of rose and garden pictures, but this is part of what was still going in November... except for the Lycoris, which I believe blooms a bit earlier.

I love everyone's pictures! Thanks for sharing!

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Oh my goodness, I don't even know where to begin! Ok.

Robert, it's so to see you again!:-) I was beginning to worry a bit about you.
Oh yes, I have been there and done that with the gritty mix. Forgetting it dries out much more quickly is easy.
I am quite partial towards citrus and orchids I tell you! What a bunch of beautiful blossoms Robert. I am in love with citrus. In fact, it would be so nice to see you post at the citrus forum where I spend large amounts of time. Don't you just love the fragrance? Just one flower can fill an entire room!
Now, you need to get a 'Washington Navel'...Oh how strong the scent is and how easy to grow:-)
Good to see you Robert!

Robert, I can't even begin to begin to tell you how awesome Cattleya's are! I have dozens and I can't wait to see my Blc GeorgeKIng Serendipity bloom:-) I hear it has a citrus vanilla scent.

I am still waiting for my Camellia to open, just about there:-)

Jodik, those are soooooo beautiful my friend! I am in love with every fragrant flower you post and I can't wait for that yellow one:-)
What does it smell like? Can you describe it?

Um, Desert Roses are nice, when in bloom for just a few short weeks since they only thrive in very hot sun and hot weather:-)

Ok here are a few of mine taken today. I have some citrus for you and others.

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Why are you telling me Logee's carries Plumera??? :)

Ok, what is the species that Logee's carries? Which one smell's strong and good? And do they bloom on the first year/second year once you get them? I need to write down the Cultivar name of the Plumera for my next trip.

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Lurker me on the thread dropping in to ask about a Michelia figo also found at Logees ..

What I mean is if you Mike M where there at the same time and put any plant in my hands at logees would the banana shrub be that plant ?

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ok, I gotta post this - taken this morning in my garden - I'm sure it must be the absolute last rose of the season in my yard. Her coloring is so pale and she looks much more fragile than her sisters earlier in the season. But, isn't she absolutely lovely? :)

greendale, I don't know if you should be tempted this time of year ... shipping of tropicals could mean frozen/dead plants. Unless you're planning to take a road trip? :)

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Thanks. I would definitely recommend this one. Cattleya Splash

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Full view of Sharry Baby.

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Thanks, Mike! I would have to say the yellow bloom smells like a rose... but without one under my nose, I can't really describe any undertones. I CAN say that it doesn't have that store bought rose smell that most people think of... it's more delicate and natural. You'll like it!

Okay, so Adenium isn't something that would do very well in my environment, I'm guessing? I'd rather devote space and time to something I really enjoy... like orchids and bulbs. Thanks for the info, though.

I love everything you have in bloom, Mike... but you know that. You have a lovely collection of plants, and you work hard to keep everything looking so green and healthy! Thanks for sharing your photos! Your devotion and love of gardening really shows!

That's a lovely, soft pink, Rosey... yes, about everything in my gardens is either blooming its last, too, or has finished or been bitten by frost. I can't wait until spring again!

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Robert (zone 7a, Oklahoma)

I'm digging all the photos on this thread. Keep 'em coming! :)


You've got some very lovely roses.


Wow! So many citrus blooms! I bet it smells amazing!


That is quite a lovely rose. I love it's purple red stems and leaves! I'm sure you sniffed her, right?


What gorgeous orchids! Congrats! You've got quite the green thumb. I love how elegant your oncidium looks in that pot and on that table. Your leaves are so healthy! Mine have some brown spots probably due to a fungus but I'm too lazy to spray them. Laugh.


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Wow, I can't believe how fast this thread has taken off! Like a jet that Laura is on:-)

My dear friend texted me and wanted you all to know that she has been flying since she started this and will be by as soon as she can. I know she will he happy to see all these beautiful pics and awesome people:-)

I wish I had the time to add more, but I have to run, but I hope everyone here has a great night. I will be back too:-)

Robert, did you have any idea that I have been wondering about your where abouts? Is great too see you again.


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Robert (zone 7a, Oklahoma)

Hi Mike!

I've been lurking and trying to figure out my first smartphone...suffice to say it's smarter than me!
I've got a couple more things about to bloom which of course I'll snap pics of and share with everyone. :)
It's good to be back and I'm happy to see lots of people have awesome blooms and are sharing them!
Can't wait to hear from our good friend Laura when she's back from her trip!


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Thanks, Robert... you should see the yard right around June! It's amazing! We grow hundreds of old garden and other hardy roses, and companion bulbs and perennials.

I'm keeping it short today... having a bad one.

But I hope you all have a good one!

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OM, I can't keep up with you guys/gals... Mike, you and Laura is going to tell me Plumeria is easiest to grow... everything is easy for you to grow...mine is dying for sure... My Meyer is losing leaves too. This crazy weather we day is in 60s and next is in 30s...plants are confused... Mike, did I spot a M. alba flower? Boy I can't wait to get one next spring.

My Sweet Olive is blooming its head off. Every time I enter my room, I just smell this sweet honey scent that remind me of a delicious snake I had when I was in China...

jodik, these roses are so beautiful. is your white iceberg climbing rose fragrant ? Does it have canes die back in winter time?
Rosey, your Red Fury Mandavilla is so pretty. This is the one you just bought few months ago, isn't this? It's nice that it blooms for you already.
greengirl, I love your Catt.'s delicate color. How do you describe its scent? Your Sharry Baby bloomed earlier than mine. Mine is still growing spike... it looks like it is going to be big bloom this year. I can't wait to smell its fragrance.
Robert, without seeing you here for a while, I was starting to wonder too... Good to see you back. You are not alone with these new technologies... I am on my third smart phone in one month now, can't figure out how to use it. It seems outsmart me every times when I try to do something... All tons of added on... All I need is a phone with handful of extra functions...

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White Cattleya...very mild clean fragrance... but I love the delicate bloom.

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Robert (zone 7a, Oklahoma)

Hi, OG!

I'm sure we can figure out this tech stuff...right? ;)


What a gorgeous bloom! I came across Potinara Clouds Creek 'Heavenly Scent' which is described as having a mixture of citrus, iris and lavender scents. Yummy! It's on my wish list. :)


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Robert (zone 7a, Oklahoma)


Almost forgot. I laughed when I read that Sweet Olive reminds you of a delicious 'snake' you once had in China. Pretty sure you meant snack but maybe the snake was braised with honey? ;)


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I'd been wondering about that too, Robert... they eat the strangest things on that side of the world. :)

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Robert (zone 7a, Oklahoma)

I'm going to blame it on her predictive text option on her phone. Laugh.

Came home at lunch and my tiny 5 inch Radermachera Kunming starter plant that I recently got off eBay for super cheap has decided to bloom for me. It has a very light scent that was being overpowered by my Ponderosa Lemon blooms.
I wasn't banking on much scent inside. Hoping outside in the humid heat of summer the scent will be stronger.
It's a gorgeous little bloom that looks like a little catalpa flower. :)


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Hahah...LOL. Robert, nothing escapes from your eyes. Chinese do eat snakes though... I once was on a boat as a tourist to a scenic area in southern China. There was a young lady sales wine with a poisonous snake inside the wine bottle. She claims the snake wine will improve man's performance...

I was going to ask you or Kemistry how to keep this Radermachera Kunming alive... Mine seems on the way to heaven... Leaves start to turn little yellow, and less luster. Something is not right, but I can't put finger on it... Does it prefer more moisture soil?

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a fermented dead animal in a bottle ... and one's supposed to drink it? ... only performance I can imagine from tasting such a thing would be vomiting.

Oh heck, why not... I need xmas gifts this year... I should go online and order some of those for all my guy friends. (they'll be gifts that keep giving.) :D

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Robert (zone 7a, Oklahoma)

Oh no, OG!
I have mine in the fast draining 5:1:1 mixture in which I screened the pine bark fines and perlite before mixing everything up (a little trick that Kemistry taught me...speaking of Kemistry where the heck is he!).
When I water I make sure to tip the pot a bit to get all the perched water out so the roots aren't sitting in water.
I've only had it for a couple of months and it's in a sunny window and so far so good!
If your mix is fast draining then perhaps you should water more often?
We've got to keep our babies alive during the winter to see them shine outside come spring. :)


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Rosey, dead but not fermented,... preserved. I was told it has Aphrodite power... so if you run out of gift idea for your guy friends...But, if I recall, my BF did not have especial performance after drink that wine... .. oh, well, that was many years ago.

Robert, you are right , where is Kemistry? He is planning to surprise us of something?...My Radermachera Kunming was heavily root bounded when I got it. I did potted it to fast drain soil. It seems to me, it did not get enough water for some reason. Hope it will live till spring to get some recovery...

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Olympia! Please, did you happen to have one of those bottles of wine laying around? I could use one...Ha..Just kidding, no need for support in that departmeht!lol
I am not old and washed up just yet, although, it seems I am racing there at this point!

Yes that was a flower and still blooming. I LOVE this tree I tell you. Laura grows everything easy, trust me. You should see them all in bloom along side her sparkling pool! Maybe we should have a pool party there and steal on of her plants?

By the way, the next time you go to China, let me know, I might tag along with you....:-)

Robert...At first glance, I thought that flower looked like whipped cream! It looks so, soft and edible. It must smell lovely! You did it again, you have me wanting yet another plant I don't have and another
You and I use the same mix pal, and you speak of sifting your mixes like I do. Perched water? Now,you are talking! A mans worst enemy if they don't know how to use this for their benefit or how to control it in pots!

You know, everyone, I am about to SIN again! tonight, I am going to look up that orchid you speak of and grab the last one before you do
By the way, it's so good to see you again:-)

Rosey...You are way to funny!

Olympia, my best friend is Asian, and he tried to make me eat dried crickets and grasshoppers. Have you ever had these? He says they are yummy!

Kemistry, yes, where is he?

Laura, where is she!? She said she was flying, but she did not mention to outer space! She is a travel agent and always on the go. When ever she gets a chance to post at some hotel, she does, but I think she is delayed. Wait until she sees what she

GReengirl....WOW!!!! What a beautiful white flower. Now, if you described that on as having a scent that I love, I would own that too within days.
My hats off to you growing that in dry conditions and not a greenhouse. I am scared to grow mine inside.
Is it easy? Does yours need humidity? How do you care for it? What watering practice do you use? Great job.


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Robert (zone 7a, Oklahoma)

Mike, you're terrible...if you do get that orchid and get it to bloom I expect a full report on its scent. ;)

Got one more in bloom tonight. Night scented stock (Matthiola longipetala subsp. bicornis, Matthiola bicornis). I sowed these back in August after a fellow fragrant GW poster reminded me of how awesome they smell.
I know they look crappy but you grow these for their glorious scent and not their looks.
Very easy to grow from seed. Try them sometime if you haven't already. :)


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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hello Everyone!!!

OMG.. Where the Heck have i Been? LMAO!!!

I am reading all of this and im in heaven with all of the beautiful pictures and wonderful expression of welcome from you all...

My face is actually red from the warm feeling that you all give to me and the great feelings that you all have for one another.. this is a great forum, wish i had visited here sooner.. ;-)

Never to late!!! lol!!

You all talking about the wine bottles and different things inside? Well, i think i have seen that lady/ or ladies on my flights and you wouldn't believe what some pull out of their bags and eat.. LOLOLOL I sometimes really have to concentrate and not make a face as i walk by. It is enought to blow you over and back!!

Im still blushing from the "purpose" of this wine!! LOL.. Maybe i could bring back a few cases? :-) Oh, no... i a,m kidding honey.. (just in case my DH happens to read this post) YOU ARE WONDERFUL.. LOLOLOL!!

Speechless right now, but i will try and express what my thoughts are.. you all are so sweet and pleasant.

I have been so busy, Mike mentioned i was a travel agent.. but i think he meant Flight Attendant. I feel like many things and i think we wear many hats doing my job. Don't want to go there cuz it has been one of those days... This is where i come to relax and unwind from the hectic days of flying.. sigh!!!

Fenius... Thank you for the first post. So nice to say such wonderful things.. Seven? We will have to up that number.. LOL.. Just ask Robert!! Mike too! No eviction notice for you yet? That is a good thing, ny notice feels like it is coming everytime the Fed Ex truck slows down by my house. I even try and smuggle in packages now.. ;-) But, i have stopped sinning during these times, because it is to cold to buy Plumies and root them. OMG.. did i say that? I will have to post a pick of some of my sticks.. Please promise that you won't laugh to much!! :-) You might side with DH!!!

MIke.. Love this thread.. it is like a beautiful fragrant plant that is blooming with all of your friends sending off warm feelings of growth and pleasant scents.. it keeps growing and growing and it makes all of us feel wonderful. LOVE THIS THREAD WITH ALL OF THE BEAUTIFUL PICS!!! Great people too!

Greengirl2009 Beautiful pics.. congratulations on all of your gorgeous blooms!!!

Greendale Thank you for the nice welcome too! So.. you want some tempting? LOL.. we can do that for you!!! Ill have to find a special pic just for you.. Hmmm, i have one in mind right now...

Jodi.. Love to see your beautiful Roses and other beautiful pics.. You know i think you are so sweet and i really appreciate all that you say and do for all of the people here on the forums.. you share such wonderful information and i always love to read what you have to say!! What a wonderful person you are...

Rosey. Mike was right about you.., i can feel that you are a wonderful lady who has a talent for blooms and i know we could find you a "dwarf plumeria" LOL... we will work on that for you!!! remember, you can always prune !!

Thank you for the special post.. that really means alot coming from someone here on the forums.. i will tell you that it was you that made me search out this forum since Mike had told me about how special you were. He is right!!

Beautiful pics by the way!!

Olympia Gardener.... ALways makes me smile when i see your name on a post. You have such a pleasant way of posting and always are so kind. Mahalo!! Congratulations on your Singapore.., Did you say that you think it is dying? I certainly hope not.. It is an evergreen, but it may just be adjusting to the change in temps since you brought it inside. How are your watering habits with this baby? That might have something to do with the leaf loss.. I wouldnt worry to much with it dropping leaves.. i would keep it going on the wet dry cycle especially if it is a fast draining mix. I have a Hong Kong that is still growing , but all of the other Plumies are stripped and forced into dormancy., SOme are not listening, but they will get the message soon. :-)

My Adeniums are all dropping leaves and they look so strange. I have also started up some seedlings fro Thailand and they are doing well so far. It is late for seedlings, but i have them on heat mats and they alll germinated except for one. I was so excited.. ALl of the others are leafless and will only receive a little water per month.

Robert!! HI there!!! So nice to see you!!

I have known Mike for a while now and we have lots of fun with all of the different plants and other trees that i have. He is an enabler with my citrus and C & S too!
What a great guy he is.. i am so happy to call him a good friend. ;-)

Lets talk about YOUR Beautiful plants and trees!! You have a great collection. I have seen some great pics and i know you have wonderful healthy Plumies too!

MrLike2u.. Lurkers are always fun!! Just wanted to say hi to you and i always enjoy you post as well.

Thank you all for making me feel welcome here. It really means so much!!

I will post some pics in a few.. just want to make sure all of what i have just typed won't be lost into cyberspace.. OH.. I had to laugh Robert about the smartphone issues. I am having them same problems. Trying to learn how to work these gadgets so i dont have to ask my kids and new grandson who is only 3 mts old how to use these!!! He will be teaching me soon! It is bad. But at least im trying..

Take care everyone and have a wonderful night.

Im pooped.. but i wanted to say thanks again..


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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hello Everyone!!!

Some pics.. This is for Fenius!!! My stick room!!! LOL!!

Crown OF Thorns Blooming..

Ponderosa Lemon getting ready to open!! Thanks Mike!! :-)

my little Serissa Bonsai in training blooming!!

Goldfish plant blooming..

For Greendale... One of my Favorite..., Just for you!!!

Apricot Plumeria.. smells heavenly too!

Lava Flow

California Sunset

Seedlings from Mark D. (Taiwan) doing great..

New DR's from Rinoa from Tawain.. Grafted and barerooted into the gritty Mix

just for fun!!

This was from a friend of mine from California. Bud Guillots tree.. Saigon Moon!! He even crawaled into the tree to get this cutting for me. He is 91 and can manover better than i can. This tree means alot to me. He loved this pic and is using it in Ca for the SCPS postings.

JL Metallica

This is for Mike.. Pool with Plumies around..

night all!!!


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wow Laura!
Didn't see that coming! you are actually in plumie heaven! I love all posts in this thread btw! I hope I have smth exciting bloom for me to share here soon..

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I just don't have time to read all threads and am in desperate need of vacation!!Work and cold suck!

This post was edited by fenius on Thu, Dec 6, 12 at 7:35

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goodness, I really want a plumie now - but, I know that what I'd have here in MA won't look like what's growing at Laura's house.

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Wow! So many awesome pictures! I'm totally lost!

Let's see...

Olympia, the climbing "White Iceberg" rose is a lot less fragrant than many other types and varieties, but there's a little scent there, nonetheless. We're in what used to be called zone 5b, but is now considered zone 6, I guess. We get very little die-back on canes. All of our roses are own-root, and I think that helps with hardiness considerably. Grafted roses rarely survive here, and it's only a technique that makes quick production a reality for rose producers, anyway. We much prefer own-root roses, which allow for an extra gardening zone, and are stronger and healthier, truth be told... or at least, that's been my experience.

Part of it, of course, includes ensuring that the varieties we do grow are meant for this zone. Tea roses are out, for the most part... but there are now hundreds of hardy types and varieties available, some surviving in zone 3, even! Hybridizers have been hard at work! We love Buck roses... lots of choices, many heavily scented... Canadian, German, English, old garden types... today's rose grower has much greater choices!

I don't baby any rose or plant. If it can't survive our winters with mulch only, it can't live here. I don't have the time, energy, or physical ability to pamper any outdoor garden plants. We use a few inches of wood mulch, and whatever autumn debris blows in and sticks around, like fallen leaves. I do garden cleanup in spring, and make use of Mother Nature in fall, and through winter.

Laura, thank you so much for your kind words! Right back at ya! And I can't get over the beauty you grow! Wow! Everything is just so lovely... even the "stick room"! I'd love to live in your zone! Maybe some day I can convince the old man that it's just too cold up here... I'm dreaming, I know... but even dreams are good to have!

I just love everyone's pictures... orchids, and citrus, and Plumies, oh my! LOL! I hope I didn't forget to mention anyone... Mike, wonderful photos, as always...

It's like taking a mini-vacation... drooling over the plants everyone else grows!

There's not much of a fragrance to "Red Cascade", but it blooms all season... this photo was taken December 3rd of this year...

And, no blooms here... but this is a species type Iris I saved from certain demise... the phone company was digging on our corner, and this was in their way... it's making a great comeback, and I'll plant it in the gardens come spring...

Have a great day, everyone... and thank you for sharing your wonderful photos!

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Laura, thanks for the Apricot Plumeria picture, very pretty, that's a lot color on the flower, Is it easy (for a newbie like me)? The stick room is how you overwinter the plumeria?

Nice plants around your swimming pool too, I double checked you are not living in Hawaii ,are you ? :)

Guess what, you did it - Plumeria is on my shopping list for my next trip to Logee's. :)


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My Thanksgiving cactus I bought around Thanksgiving - just opened. (I woke up to these beautiful blooms) and what a lovely surprise - what I thought was supposed to be a white flower, has beautiful pink accents. :)

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It's gorgeous, Rosey!

At one time, I had several in the more common colors thriving in hanging baskets under a bathroom skylight... but my life took a sudden change, and I had to leave many things behind.

I wish I had room and time for all the plants I want to grow!

Thanks for sharing! It's a beautiful color!

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I'm with that with Jodik! What a BEAUTIFUL flower Rosey!
What a surprise, right?
Just in time for,well, Christmas! It almost loks like that white ribbon candy.
Great job!

What a wonderful thing to face a wonderful person first thing in the a.m:-)

Hello Jodik...I had just a few moments today because it's crazy here to say, THANK YOU for coming to this forum with us. I am so thrilled to see you meet such awesome people and along with Laura, well, I love it!

Toni..Where are you? It's been a while since you posted. I am hoping your health is ok. I have been under the weather these days too:-(

Grendale..You have to get a Plumie! So easy to care for when winter comes. Just cut all the leaves off and stick them where nothing else, that is until spring

Rosey. do you live close to Lowell? If so, I can hook you up!:-) maybe we can go to Logees' together to save gas!


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Mike, I remember that ribbon candy! My Mom used to place dishes of it on tables around the house at Christmas! Us kids loved it... except the icky spearmint ones! LOL!

That flower does kind of remind one of Christmas, doesn't it?!

It's my pleasure to stop in, Mike... I like to see what you have blooming! And what do I find, but many of the super people I've met here at GW, hanging out in this very forum! Doesn't get any better than that!

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Yes that tc coloring was a surprise. Now if only I can keep it alive, I'm sorry to say that I have a bad habit of overwatering succulents. I'm getting pretty excited that I asked my old neighbor for a clipping from her 85 year old xmas cactus, and she told me shed give me a plant. Hers hasn't flowered in years, I suspect she keeps her apartment to warm. I can hardly wait to see what will come of this plant. I will post pictures when I get it.

Mike, I live in Malden. Not to far from Lowell, I go up there every few weeks to visit my best friend in Chelmsford. If you are making a trip after the holidays, let me know. I may have to save up for a loggee trip. And the xmas month isn't to likely to be a savings month.

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Rosey! Do you know how much fun we would have going there? Broke and tired, but

I always make a visit there about the end of March for new arrivals and plants that I can stick outside to treat for pests if that should ever become an issue. As much as I love their plants and an others at any other place for that matter, I am always afraid to bring in bugs on new arrivals in winter time. So you are on!
I use to hand around with my best friend from Malden for years! Right off of Route 60 in fact.
Hey, if you should ever need supplies, like bark, turface, perlite, even Fafard mixes, let me know, I would get these for you:-)
Say HELLO to these sunless days lately right? I think I am about to go crazy. It was so blue this a.m, for about one hour..Arg!

I can't believe your friend is in Chelmsford of all places! I am always there.

Jodik,weren't the white ones pepermint, I think? Lol..I think my mother hand fed those to me when I was a real little kid.

Yes, please stick around. It's become a very colorful forum these days with you and many others here!

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I just had to see everyone's flowers again. I just LOVE this thread..Laura, where are you?

What planet have you flown to now?:-)


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Everyones photos are OUTSTANDING, and I have a new craving lol. I'd LOVE a plumie, but living in Alberta , Canada, wouldnt know where to get one! :(

Here is a pic for Robert, being he likes Cattleyas..... oh , they are still blooming right now lol, and the scent is sooo yummy :)

The gold and red, is Burana Beauty, and the purple and white is Purple Cascade Fragrant Beauty.

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By March I should be ready to add some more tropicals to my collection. I went shopping at oceanstate on Sat, and found some pretty 6 and 8 inch pottery pots. My plants already are becoming to big for the 4 inch pots I put them in back in Sept. I'm hoping that I can avoid the transplant for another month... But doubt that they can wait til spring. That said, I'm not one to mix my own soils, I don't measure things, hence the reason I can't bake. :)

I don't know why I admit to these things...

Yes, I can only imagine how fun logees is, Mike... Until handing over my card... And signing in blood.
As to living in Malden, I'm near rt 60, walking distance to the Malden center t. As far as Chelmsford goes, we may have crossed paths, I shop sometimes at the billerica market basket, when I go up to visit and feel like cooking for them.

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By March I should be ready to add some more tropicals to my collection. I went shopping at oceanstate on Sat, and found some pretty 6 and 8 inch pottery pots. My plants already are becoming to big for the 4 inch pots I put them in back in Sept. I'm hoping that I can avoid the transplant for another month... But doubt that they can wait til spring. That said, I'm not one to mix my own soils, I don't measure things, hence the reason I can't bake. :)

I don't know why I admit to these things...

Yes, I can only imagine how fun logees is, Mike... Until handing over my card... And signing in blood.
As to living in Malden, I'm near rt 60, walking distance to the Malden center t. As far as Chelmsford goes, we may have crossed paths, I shop sometimes at the billerica market basket, when I go up to visit and feel like cooking for them.

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I don't have anything fragrant flowering. But my TC that I grow from a cuttings this year is flowering right now. Quite a pleasant surprise as I don't know the color nor do I expect it flower in its first year.

This post was edited by greendale on Sun, Dec 9, 12 at 21:24

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hello Everyone!!!

Planet? What planet.. just Philly!! LOLOLOL.. I was stuck there due do fog last night. Flights cancelled and well, that adds to a long trip...

Great seeing all of the new pics..

Beetle.. Love yours!!! Simply beautiful!!! ;-)

Rosey.. Love your TC as well, it does resemble ribbon candy. I had to smile when you said that you lived in Malden. My Aunt and Uncle used to live there years ago. My mom and Dad were from Boston, met at Somerville high.

Lots of great memories from Boston. They used to always tease me when i would visit because i was raised in Virginia with parents from Boston. You can imagine what accent i have. LOL.. My mom just needs to be in the MA airspace and her accent gets stronger. They think i have a southern accent, but compared to the accents here in VA, it is mild. ;-)

They all used to ask me to say things.. lol. Silly family!!! They thought i talked funny... Who says anything about "parking in STAR MARKET?" ;)

Greendale.. I do think you need a/some Plumeria. LOL

You are very welcome for the Apricot pic!! I love that tree!!

If you want to try cuttings, i will send you some this spring.. but if you want to buy some rooted cuttings which will help them bloom by a year, i would suggest some places for you. I have a few places that would be cheaper than Logees. A friend just started selling from San Diego and she has some beauties and they are rooted. Prices are really reasonable and she is a wonderful lady. So, i would highly reccommend her. I would not steer you wrong. Spring would be the best time to purchase, then come winter it would be easy like Mike said to keep them quiet. LOL.. Yes, this is how i keep those silly kids dormant. They look funny don't they? ALL are fine and some even have seedpods growing on them as they rest.

I wish i lived in Hawaii!! Only have visited a few times an loved it and everything Hawaiian. Wonderful people and beautiful customs. The islands are fantastic and that is what i tried to duplicate in my backyard.. a place like the islands where i could be anywhere. Just a place to relax and unwind... Thank you for the nice comment. Saying that made my day!!

So nice to see everyone and i do agree with Mike, this forum is so relaxing and frendly. What a wonderful place to visit!!

I wish there was some way to send our friends in Canada plants.. Especially Plumeria. Maybe we can work on that

Mahalo Nui Loa!!!


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I don't really remember, Mike... I just remember dishes of candy, and always wanting to spit out the ones with green stripes! LOL!

Lovely Catts, Beetle!

All the photos are nice!

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Robert (zone 7a, Oklahoma)


Thanks for the gorgeous picture! I love Purple Cascade Fragrant Beauty. I googled it and lots of people commented on its wonderful scent.
You guys are really making me want to try a Cattleya! :) I don't have a greenhouse so it would grow in a sunny window in winter and outside in filtered light in summer.
Maybe I'll take the leap come spring.


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Beetle, I really like that purple/white one. whaat a pretty color. :)

Laura, Malden is a great little city. It's probably changed a lot since your uncle and aunt lived here - I think we may be about 60%+ Asian now.

Does anyone have a Boston accent anymore? I mean, besides the Kennedys. ;)

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Mike has a hint of one... I can hear it when we talk on the phone! It's definite east coast, as opposed to my more Chicago accent!

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Well, as most true new englanders won't admit it - "I ain't got no accent, it's the rest of youz who talks funny." ;)

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Robert (zone 7a, Oklahoma)

Went down into the basement to refill the sunflower seeds container for the birds and to my surprise discovered my denuded California Sunset Plumeria had several flowers waiting for me. I picked them and am enjoying their coconut/peaches scent. :)


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Definitely let me know the places and species of Plumeria coming spring - I am already hooked. :) I'd love to have some cuttings - but I think I better wait until I can handle the rooted cuttings first. Do not want you go through all the trouble send me cuttings but end up they are dying. Maybe next next spring? :)

I saw you have palms in your yard too - did not know they are hardy in VB. I just got a Sago Palm (not a real palm though - Cycas revoluta) not too long ago - love the fact it's a plant from the Dinosaur era - how cool is that?


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Robert!!!! Wowowowa! You had to describe the scent of that plumeria, right?
Now, I must get one of these..Anything that smells like Coconut and Vanilla is on my list. Now to find one:-( Beautiful buddy! Like whipped cream.

Hey Greendale...I would love to meet up with you and Rosey for a day to town at Logee's..Yes, let's work something out for the spring. Maybe others would like to join us too?

Laura, see what you started? I can't wait until you come back-)


Um....I have been told that I have quite the accent for a New I never notice it though..

Rosey, I am on! Logee's it is at tHE end of March, ok?

Beetle....Thank you so much for sharing your beauties..Oh, I can only imagine the smell. Yum! I love the colors too:-)

Now, if we can just get Jodik to get hers to flower! What do you say Jodik, think we can do it?:-)

Laura..You have such a big heart and a generous one at that! You are a gem and that is why I am so happy you are here with us. You and a few others make me :-))))))))))))))))

Greendale...What color is that C.C? I love it. It almost looks orange! Now, where in the world did you get it? If from e-bay, I would get one in a heart beat!

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Sure we can, Mike... as long as the goats leave it alone if I bring everything outside in spring! I do have that small greenhouse to work with, but it's so dry and hot in warmer weather. It could use another fan, and lots more water... or it turns into a mite and white fly haven!

I also have a Plumie I need to bring into bloom next season... maybe you guys can help with that, too!

That's a lovely cream colored Plumeria!

How about it, Rosey! It's everyone else who talks different! LOL!

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Mike, Greendale - and anyone else in the New England area - looks like we're planning a Garden Web plant shopping adventure for the end of march (Barring blizzards, and other natural disasters) - Let's hope that they have an abundance of tiny bonsai plumies, the day we go. :D

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hello Everyone!!

Mike.. You are so nice to say such kind comments, Thank you my friend!!!

Robert.. Hey!!! Love the California Sunset.. even in cooler weather she still is beautiful. I am always amazed at the coloration difference in these blooms during the year. The color now to the colors of the CS this summer are unbelievable. She is always pleasing!!!

Jodi... Robert's CS is a beauty now...but, she is one stunner in the summer with the heat!!! She has more orange and pink color then.. just wait for Robert to post. I'm hoping my CS will bloom again next summer.. Ill keep my fingers crossed!!! ;-)

Sounds like a fun trip to the Garden Center!! Blizzads, rain, snow, ice will not keep you guys away!! ;-)

We will all be waiting to see what you all bring home... Love to see the "Loot" LOL..

Jodi.. I think it is the ones who live in differt states that have the "accents" LOL.. isn't that right ya'll?

Have a great day everyone!!

Greendale.. i will be happy to share places to purchase trees. Spring will be the best time to order, especially if you are in the northeast!! I can post them now.. or let you know later.. Just let me know!


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Laura, the rest of them may be that courageous to drive in bad weather, but not me. I'm a wimp - first sign of snow and I bundle up and don't drive anywhere. I'm on the 'T" so I can go places in town; but I would describe myself as a weekend driver (and fair-weather) only. I didn't care so much when I was younger. I'd drive just about anywhere and speed ... but, one to many hydroplaining, or 360 degree slides in foul weather. As I said, the older I get, the more wimpy. :)

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Aw, man! I sure wish I lived closer to you guys! I'd love a "team trip" to Logee's, or anywhere with gardens or plants! Mike, you'll just have to take lots of pictures when you guys do go in spring!

Rosey, I don't drive anymore, period... so I can totally understand where you're coming from! I will in an emergency, but I'd sure prefer not to. I'm a little gun shy since the accident we were in several years ago. It's not every day you wake up and wonder what the heck you're doing in a hospital bed! Would you believe I used to hold a valid CDL and drive an 18 wheeler from coast to coast with my ex? Yes, it's true... but not anymore. Now, I make a much better passenger!

Laura, I think from coast to coast there are many different accents, but it's never the person speaking that thinks they have one! Whenever we meet people from different areas, they always ask if we're from Chicago! LOL! I guess I have a Midwest accent!

I was wondering whether the amount of light might have a bit of an influence on flower color for Plumeria, like it can for other plants. The colors you describe sound beautiful, and you can kind of see a hint of orange, maybe, in the photo! I can't wait to see some of them next season in full bloom!

I hope the big Plumie I have blooms... I can't remember which name it is right now... it's in a 2 gallon pot, so it has gained some size, and it seems to like the amount of root room. I just hope I can bring it to flower! It had a small issue last spring with aphids, I believe they were, but I took care of that... and it's languishing in a cool stairwell... it seems relatively happy, and is holding on to a few leaves yet.

Since we got a little colder here, the last rose to bloom outside is done. It's stopped opening buds, and everything looks a little frost bitten.

I hate winter... LOL!

You guys all have a great evening... I'm pooped from a long day of working and running around getting errands done... I'm off to collapse in my rocking chair!

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Robert, what do you put the plumeria flower in the plate for - you are not gonna to eat them, are you? I bet they must taste good with the coconut/peaches scent. :)

Mike, Sure for the logee's trip. Let's see if we can synchronize a date. The TC I have is a regular one, I got the cutting from my friend and he got his plant from Home Depot - So I think it should not be a rare one. It not orange - it a salmon with a little purple in between. I can share a cutting with you if you like it.

Laura, was thinking I don't endure the pain of tempting a whole winter if I wait to spring for the plumeria information. but what the hell, send all the places that you know about plumeria trees. :) 2 more question - does the stick room has to be dark (no light) at all. What the temp (lowest?) you keep for the stick room.

I have to refrain myself to look at these pretty picture again - more plants are jump on my wish list now. :)

This post was edited by greendale on Wed, Dec 12, 12 at 21:19

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Robert (zone 7a, Oklahoma)


Ha! They would be lovely on some dessert, eh? ;)
It's funny you mentioned your wish list...try as I may I can't help myself but am adding more and more plants to it.
Hopefully I'll stick with smaller plants like orchids that I can hang inside come winter! :)
Laura has a wealth of info when it comes to plumies.
She was even kind enough to go out and sniff Kimi Moragne at night to let me know how wonderful it smells.


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"I'll be right back, honey... I have to go out and sniff this plant for someone!" LOL, Laura! That's too cute!

Though, I can imagine how wonderful your yard smells during the blooming season! Rather like the rose scents that waft across the yard, here! At times, intoxicating! I just love it when the larger Buck shrubs come into bloom, or some of the more heavily scented old garden types! Even the Lilies throw off a wonderful scent!

Heavy sigh... now I just have to wait for spring again!

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Good Evening all!!!

I know it is late, but i wanted to stop by and say hello!!!

Jodi.. As far as heat and light.. You are spot on to the coloration fsctors in the makeup of a perfect Plumeria Bloom. They love the heat and the long summer days. I keep mine that are used to the sun in direct sumshine all summer. The ones that are new and or just potted up from rooted cuttings, i acclimate them first to the sunshine and then transfer into more direct full sun.

Greendale.. I will start my list for you and i will say that my friend who i wanted to contact from CA had given me her emsil addy for her new business. Please let her know that i sent you. ok? Im not rec anything, but she will be helpful to you and knowing that i sent you will make her day!!! Her name is Wendy. I will post a list later for you.

You question on the temp in the back room is usually arounf 50 degrees in the winter. I turn off all of the vents and keep the blinds closed. They don't receive any sunshine that i can possibly give to them. They are all to rest until March rolls around and then they start to green up at the tips and then ill open blinds and give them a little water. Most Plumeira growers keep water from them all winter, but i am one who gives just a little each month. Imm talking just a little, one gallon container receives about a 1/2 cup and a five gallon gets about one cup. i even dilute my Foliage Pros by 1/4 and still give them some nutrients during the winter. some do, some dont.. i do!!! LOL.. I have lots of blooms and they are being thought of at this time for the development of blooms for the following year.

I have lots of Plumeria.. i stoped counting at 100 plus, so hubby won't know how many i truly have!!! LMAO!!

I know,, its bad...

Oh Jodi.. It is true about visiting outside to smell the Kimi Moragne for Him!!! I was so please to do that for him... i think i loved standing outside at 2 am smelling my trees.. This is why we do it!!! We all understand the we have to catch the scent at it's best!!! I see the little pollinators outside when i flash the flashlight on my trees.. i love going outside when i come home to see what has shanged.. LOL MY neighbors wonder about 'Laura" they know when i am home... just look for the spotlight around 2 am.. LOL

Anytime RObert.... ANytime!!!!

Good night all!!


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I love the scent that comes off my oriental lillies. :) there's no gentle wafting - it's really very intense when they're in bloom. :)

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so, I went to my neighbor's on Wednesday, and she gave me one of her plants. It had seen better days, but not recently. I took it home thinking it was dying. I did an immediate transplant - the roots were almost completely gone from goodness only knows how long it's been overwatered, and on top of that, she'd given me a clipping that had been sitting in water. it looked so sad and drowned - and yet, the whole plant seems starved, the leaves straggly and thin. I know she's a succulent - but you'd never think it on seeing her.

and the neighbor had complained that she neither of her cacti had flowered in a long time... I bit my tongue and was happy to take this one home to play doctor.

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hi Rosy!!!

I think your "patient" is in good hands!! ;-)

Take care,


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With all the cats and various pests and moles and whatnot that dig and tunnel in my gardens, I'm surprised that some Lilies actually make it from year to year! But I have one Lily that grows on the north side of a garage building, gets afternoon sun, and I think it began as an Easter Lily that someone didn't want, or something... I planted it just to fill the space and get it out of the pot... and this thing gets HUGE white trumpet shaped flowers with the most amazing scent every summer!

The plant, itself, is taller than I am... so I imagine its bulbs, or corms, must be giant! It' beginning to grow extra stems, so I know it's multiplying underground. It's the size and scent that amaze me every year!

Laura, I know what you mean, though... I sometimes stand outside star-gazing at night, in my pajamas... people driving by must think I'm nuts! Or, when I take the dog out for her last time before bed, I'll stand out there in the yard and just breathe in the rose scent... or whatever scent hits me! Unfortunately, that scent occasionally is from the dog! LOL!

But, really... it's nice to be in the gardens any time of day or night, whether it's seeing hummingbirds by day, hearing owls by night... it's peaceful and nice.

Rosey, my Mom used to water houseplants once a week whether they needed it or not, and then let them sit in big saucers of water until it evaporated. It drove me nuts! But I'd quietly empty the saucers, get rid of the dead growth, and try to help keep them alive without saying anything. Nice score with the cacti thing, and I know you'll have it plumped up and happy in no time!

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well, I can only hope I will have better luck with the cacti - than is currently happening with my honeysuckle, the night jasmine, and possibly even the mandavilla. the night jasmine, I noticed a week ago, had a web growing around the top of one of her stalks. since then, I've tried to check the leaves for pests, some of the leaves are seeming to dry out as if from within - and, then others, when I touch them, fall off in my hands. The plant stems are still very healthy green - but, there are already 2 stems out of 4 that are leaf-less.

the honeysuckle (same room, different window) seems to have some sticky issue going on with her leaves - and I pull those off - but, there's only so many I can take off the plant... I'm debating whether I should cut the plant down to a one footer and put the plant in a cold and mostly dark room for the winter - see if dormancy will take care of whatever this stickiness is.

And, the mandavilla - every time I water her - 2 or 3 of her leaves turn yellow - and splotched. what's up with that? She's gotten to be rather tall, but her winter growth is sparse leaved enough - she doesn't need to lose her greenery just because I'm giving her a small drink. I'm wondering if she's root-bound - which is a possibility since I had put her, in September in a 6 inch pot. I'd been hoping that they'd last the winter season in smaller pots and stay happy.

and, yes, the new cactus is looking much better. Amazing what new soil, and 16 hour lights will do for a plant. :)

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You could be experiencing a combination of issues, Rosey, dependent upon the medium you're using, your watering/feeding habits, and a plethora of other seasonal limitations... keep in mind that indoor winter conditions are usually much drier, with regard to humidity, and tiny pests like spider mites and whatnot love those drier conditions.

My personal preference is re-potting everything I get into a custom mixed medium that promotes sharp drainage and excellent aeration, and I often employ the wooden skewer method of testing for needed moisture. It's rather surprising how moist the center of a rootball/pot can be, even when the surface looks and feels dry. I've also taken to giving everything a granular systemic treatment for insects before I bring anything indoors for winter.

My own indoor conditions are very dry, with very low humidity during winter. Grouping my plants seems to help a little bit.

Without pictures, it's difficult to tell what the exact issue is... but it sounds like a combination, stemming from indoor winter conditions and culture.

Spider mite infestations often go unnoticed until they're fairly rampant, which is why I employ the use of a preventative. I've had that issue before, and I've lost plants to the mites.

Many plant types have difficulty transitioning from the relative humidity of outdoors, to the lower humidity of the average home in winter, where a heating unit/furnace dries the air. Lowered light levels also contribute, causing plants to drop some leaves, and pests are also a consideration this time of year.

The causes could be one or many, Rosey. I hope you're able to compensate, and keep your plants happy until spring. If you have pictures, I'm sure everyone would be happy to help diagnose any issues, and get you through the winter.

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Hello ladies and gentlemen!

Just making sure everyone is having fun here and getting to know each other.

I love it and all the great info being offered.....

Hoping all is well)


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Except for the weather, which I have no control over, everything's just peachy, Mike!

I recently delved a little deeper into learning about the two surviving orchids I have, and found that the Dendrobium hails from Australia, while the Ansellia is from the Cape region of Africa. I also did more reading on the Epiphyllum Cacti I have, and am now more familiar with the winter habits of such plants. And with my poor memory, it never hurts to refresh the information from time to time! LOL!

But seriously... just having fun viewing everyone else's lovely plants, and learning more about them for the future possibility of growing such items, myself!

And how are you doing on this windy, rainy morning, Mike?

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Robert (zone 7a, Oklahoma)

I've been thinking about starting a 2013 wish list thread however I'm afraid that Mike might buy up all the plants I want. Laugh.


Are any of the Epiphyllums you have fragrant? I've been doing some research and have a few on my wish list for next year. :)


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what, there are fragrant epiphylums now?? just when I was to become a saint!.. everytime in this forum I acquire a new need!
Anyway, just dropping in my most fragrant december bloom, tabernaemontana africana..
Btw, Robert if u don't start the thread, I know I will!

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Robert (zone 7a, Oklahoma)

Oh, fenius, there are plenty of fragrant Epiphyllum species and hybrids (you can tell what I was doing at work instead of working)! My wish list is growing larger and larger. :)

Your Tabernaemontana is beautiful!
I once grew Tabernaemontana holstii. The flowers were huge and very fragrant! I didn't really care for the scent but I still made all my guests smell it. ;)


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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hello Everyone!!!

Jodi.. had to laugh that you like to go outside in your PJ's too! I finally gave up on the neighbors seeing me in my nightgown.. especially all hours with a flashlight!! I feel they have seenn me now.. so why hide anymore!! :-) I just try and hurry if i see aanyone outside or wait for DH to say..."laura..." LOL!!!

They are like family now right? LMAO!!! Im at the point in my life.. im not worried.. im sure they aren't either!!!

Rosy, sounds like spider mites.. I would use the Bayer 3 in 1 to spray for mite control. I have had issues myself lately too !!! Arggg... good luck!!!

Robert.. Start that wishlist.. Love to see what i want!! LOL... hope you and yours has a wonderfull cHristmas!!! : )

OH.. Mike.. i think i have sinned.. Please forgive..

OK.. i will tell!! I went to the garden center with my mom yesterday, only to buy some decorations that i don't need!! So, i really wasn't interested in the decorations and "stumbled" upon the fragrant orchids.. Well, one jumped into my cart and begged me to take her home. I HAD TOO! She was beautiful, blonde and smelled like an ALmond.. OH.. i love this beauty!! Her name is Onc Tsuki Marguerite. She smells like an ALmond and Mmmmmmmm, she smells wonderful!! Merry CHristmas to me!!! LOL...

Fenius.. love your pics!!! What is the scent like?

Hope all iis well and getting ready for a relaxing Christmas or holiday in whatever you all enjoy!!! Take care,


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Thanks guys!
I think t. holstii is very similar to africana if not the same as some say, the scent reminds me of some combination of stefanotis, lilium and clove & it is very strong.. I'm looking for oncidium tsuki now laura! I love all almond smelling plants and am really bumped that I cannot find aloysia virgata anywhere!
Rosy, honeysuckle can be cut to the ground in the winter with no problem; mine loses almost all leaves too as it can be deciduous depending on the zone.. I'm off to prepare my new year wish list!

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Here we go again...I need, I need all the new fragrant plants discussed here that I have not aquired yet! More sinning now that the end of the world has not come!

Fenius..I have one of those Africana plants and all it did was grow tall all summer.
How long before you think I see wonderful blooms like yours? It's beautiful I can't wait until mine does this. Yahoo.

Laura, don't get me Now, I am on the prowl for one of them orchids this morning and I won't eat until I find
Why is it that so many bump into the very plants I spend days looking for at their local stores?
Now, not only did you put me on high alert, but you also have be very depressed and excited at the same

You little bugger you..lololol

Jodik..Hello! It's not raining here yet, but when it does, it is suppose to pour within a couple of hours. I am so grateful it's warm and that I don't have to shovel it all!
Look at you go reading up on your orchids! Yahoo..I love the fact that you are now excited about these plants! Have you seen Josh's yet. It just opened and it beautiful...
Hope you are well and we shall chat soon:-)

Robert, how are you? Really? I hope I don't have the same reaction as you if mine should ever flower.
Now, about my buying up all the plant before you do. TO


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There are no neighbors to see me, Laura, except the occasional car that drives by, one of the perks of country living! There will be no roaming the yard after dark in my pajamas until spring gets here, though. As of last night, we're officially in winter mode. What began as a mild, rainy morning turned into a frigid blizzard with high winds, snow, and very low temperatures.

I made a mad dash to get a few items stashed in the empty garage... the potted Japanese Maples, a Kiwi vine, some potted Peony trees, a few roses in smaller pots, etc... but the majority of potted material is on its own out there. I just can't move it all in by myself anymore. Most of it is grouped tightly, and blanketed with autumn leaves. It should fare just fine.

The fast change in weather was horrible, though. I'm never ready for winter... but even less so this year. The power faltered a few times, and we thought we might have to start up the generator, but it miraculously stayed on. A large tree limb or two hit the roof, scaring the heck out of me! It was quite a storm!

Today, the sun is out, but it's extremely cold. I was hoping for a quick melt, but it's not looking good. Not my favorite weather or time of year.

The Epi Cacti I have are too small yet to bloom, I believe, though I don't think they are types with any scent... except for a night blooming variety I have. That one is supposed to be scented, but it's too small to produce flowers at this time. The few pots I have limp along in conditions they really don't favor, so it will take them longer to reach maturity, I think.

I miss the floor to ceiling bay windows I had at our last house... with a south-westerly exposure lightly shaded by a huge oak, my plants just loved it. There was also a glass enclosed sun porch for summering everything. Here, I have two relatively small window alcoves and a desert-like environment to deal with.

Mike, I hope you guys aren't in line for this winter storm... but it is moving in an easterly direction. I would get ready for some cold weather... just in case it doesn't play out before it reaches your area!

I've wanted to grow more orchids for years, now... but I just don't have the right environment to offer. I've killed untold Phals, and a host of other plants said to be "easy to grow in the average home". This little Den and the Ansellia are the only two that seem able to survive the conditions.

Josh's orchid is gorgeous... I only wish I had those same indoor conditions! I have been doing a lot of reading and searching, and I have a short wish list ready for spring. There are a few mini-Catts, inter-bred types, and others that are said to tolerate drier conditions... I thought I'd start there, and see what works for me. I have until spring to save my pennies for a small order.

I miss having the room and conditions to grow a wider variety of plants. One of these days...

It's probably blasphemy, but scent isn't a requirement in the plants I grow... it's a bonus! I look more for plants able to thrive in poor conditions, and it seems as though the tender Amaryllids I grow fit the profile. Unfortunately, very few are scented. I do have one that smells of lilies, which is nice... it's resting right now. I didn't notice a scent on the Den when it bloomed, but the flowers are so tiny that I didn't expect much scent.

Nice pictures! Very pretty flowers!

Hope everyone has a nice Christmas!

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oncidium tsiku is hard to find apparently!!
Mike I have mine for a little less than a year, I bought it in january from hawaii as a rooted cutting with 3 pairs of leaves and I kept it inside all year for lack of space!.. and in a rather small pot for its size..
Merry christmas guys!!

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Robert (zone 7a, Oklahoma)

Happy holidays, everyone!
I was pleasantly surprised to see my Brunfelsia 'Isola' blooming this late in December.
So far the scent hasn't really grabbed me.
Sorta has a medicinal scent which kind of reminds me of cold cream.
But hey, it's winter and I'll take what I can get. Laugh.


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Robert, did the scent get better by now?

It's lovely and what a wonderful thing to have in this gloomy weather.
The leaves on mine always turn s bit yellow and many fall off in the darkest part of winter. They hate being indoors..Do yours?

Many thanks for sharing.

Jodik..Blasphemy? lol You got
By the way, although your Chalice Vine may not have a fragrance just yet, it's beautiful and so are your beautiful orchids!
Funny, the storm you spoke of has passed as rain, but I will stay take it as a warning for the next three headed my way and temps in the 20's by day by next week. YUK! I think I'll hide in my greenhouse.

Fenius..It's beautiful and I love it. Nice job!


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Robert (zone 7a, Oklahoma)

Hi Mike!

The scent is a little better. I've started to notice it has a fragrance in the late afternoon around 3 or so as well.
Still dig B. gigantea the best but I know I need to sniff B. americana and B. jamaicensis (Kemistry's fav).
They're both on my wish list for next year! Laugh.


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merry christmas, everyone.

It's been a very quiet week. I am at work today, and coughing - and feel lucky that I may be the only person in today so that I don't make anyone else ill.

Yes, got a cold over christmas, not fun - but I'm healing. I hope by the weekend, I'll be back to my regularly good form.

Not a lot going on with my plants - I went to visit my neighbor Miss Ruthie, and begged her for a clipping of her xmas cactus... and she let me take some.

So, I brought them home, got them in dirt and am hoping they'll root. She's had her plant for about 80 years. It's a small thing - because she keeps it in a west window room, but her curtains are always closed.

These clippings I've taken from her, just wont know what to make out of my plantlights. I never thought I'd have these cactuses - and now - this year - suddenly, I have 3.

my night-jasmine - is leaf-less. I need to go shopping for some bayer and quite soon, if there'll be any hope for this plant to ever bloom again.

my downstairs neighbors gave me a lovely lily type planter kit. comes with coco-husk and all - just need to plant and water. I haven't read the directions yet on when I should do this, I'm suspecting that they are supposed to be planted in time to bloom at Easter?

I was even more thrilled by the planter pot than necessarily by the bulbs... me and strange shaped porceline pots ... I may end up at the end of the first bloom - put those bulbs in the ground, and put my chinese perfume tree in that square pot...

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Robert, they do get HUGE and I actually had to stick one in my basement with less than ideal light and it's still growing like crazy!
The older sun leaves have all fallen off to be replaced with a more delicate soft leaves. but is still plugs on:-)

Rosey, saving your money for the big plant trip? Have you been drooling all over the plants in the Logee's catalog? lol

I am so sorry to hear you have been ill:-(. It will get better one you drink some good ole fresh orange juice squeezed from the oranges fro m your most fragrant orange tree..Oh, you say you don't have one yet? Well, stick that on your Logee's wish list.."-)

I know, spider mites are quite attracted to this plant! In fact, I just bout one a couple weeks ago that was infested with mites that I had to treat 3 x thus far. So far so good. Many new leaves that are not soft, distorted, or yellow.

That plant, all you have to do is get a make a nice bottle of good soapy water with some kind of oil, in this case I use Neem, and squirt away every other week.

Many wishes for your recovery and a happy day to all!


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mikey, Mikey, mikey... it's not all about plants at christmas (oh what am I saying?) ... my neices and nephew would be quite upset with me if I spent their present money on plants. I spent the last days before xmas in shopping mode - bought up some clothes, and some toys, and finished painting their gift boxes.

On Christmas eve, cold settling in, I packed up the presents- got them in the car so there'd be one less worry... but, then the cold got considerably worse so that I didn't go see them.

Yes, everyone is sad - but, at least I kept the germs to myself.

I've come to the realization, that the only way to beat a cold is to drown it. Tea, water, more tea... with the attempt of washing all those nasty germs out of my system. This is the first year that I haven't medicated a sickness - thinking instead that I don't want to add the chemicals into my body.

And, while I'm not enjoying the nose blowing routine - otherwise, I seem to be surviving.

But, come tomorrow, if my nose keeps going - I may rethink this chemical free idea and buy some dayquil/nightquil.

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

Hey, Ladies and Gents!
I heard that this is the place to be! ;-)

Well, let's see, a couple things are blooming this December....Orchid, Pink Lemon, and Christmas Cactus!
A couple different views of my Orchid at sunrise the other morning -

Some variegated Pink Lemon blooms, scenting the living room fantastically!

And lastly my Christmas Cactus....yeah, a couple days late ;-)


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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hi Josh!!!

It is so nice to see you here!! Welcome!!!

Always love to see friendly people like you here on these wonderful forums.. Mike encouraged me to come over and check it out...i'm glad i did!!!! Great group of people..

I love your
varigated pink lemon blooms!!! I wish that i could smell them now!!! :-) I can only imagine the scent..

Your Christmas Cactus looks wonderful too! So lush and ready to push more blooms soon?

Ok,, You know i love that Orchid.. is this the "named" Orchid that i think it is? How special and it is the best looking one that i have seen in a long time. So blessed!!!

I told Mike that i had sinned when i went shopping at the store for Christmas. I had to buy this beautiful Orchid that jumped into my cart and "begged" me to take her home.. What was i to do? I TOOK HER HOME!!! HA!!!

Figured, it was time to put one thing in all of my baskets for myself this year.. i do feel bad, but..not really!!! :-)

Here she is.. ONC Tsuki Marguriete.. It has the fragrance of ALmonds.. Smells lovely!!! I just hope she stays happy here at my house...

Rosey.. Hope you are felling better? I have had the cold and cough over the holidays too. I even had a dose of the "adult" cough medicine and posted to another forum and they couldn't tell what i was saying.. lol i told them i was taken by Mayans that night of the 21st!! LMAO

Please feel better..

This is for you Mike!! Merry Belated Christmas and i hope you and you family have a wonderful New Year too! ;-)

Hi Robert.. beautiful blooms as always!!!

Fenius.. Glad to hear that you have this beauty too! Any tips you could share? I love this orchid!!



i know Mike likes frogs.. me too! here is one i picked up at the same greenhouse.. she looks so sweet with her parasol and a flower in her hair..wait!!! Could that be a Plumie? LOL!!!

Night Everyone!!!

Have a safe New Year!! BE SAFE!!


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Hello Laura and Josh! Hello, everyone too..:-)

Rosey, please hurry up and get better, will ya!? I am so sorry to hear you have been sick, You better hurry up and get better so we can go to Logee's together!:-)

Laura, BEAUTIFUL!!! O LOVE that orchid and thank you so much for thinking of me. It means a lot! I actually think it's perfect and it must smell like vanila and clove. Oh, thank you, It's perfect! I hope you are well and your family is safe and sound:-)

Josh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can you tell I am excited about your presence? Oh, thanks so much for coming here. I just love that orchid. It's so special and look how far it has come in just 2 years and in a drier environment! I am impressed at your gift at growing this one.
Is that a unique flower? I have never seen such detail and such a beautiful shape as this orchid. The color is ravishing pal.!
I love the little lip on it too.
Where is the link explaining all about this orchid so one here can see the history behind that one?
Did you know that I saved about 7 Cattleya last year? They are all thriving right now along with the others I saved from HD this past fall. All new roots!

Now I can see you have many more flowering plants! You did not have that much since I met you. Have you been sinning too? lol

Look at that Citrus, original C.C, and that orchid flower. Thanks buddy. I hope you come around here more often since you like fragrant plants like we do:-0)

Laura, I meant to thank you for starting this thread and for the FROG besides the flowers..Thank you:-)

I hope everyone here is having a good night and everyone is safe.
Much affection for all!


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Robert (zone 7a, Oklahoma)

Welcome, Josh!

You can't tease us with a beautiful orchid and not give the species or cultivar name.
Also how's the scent? :)


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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

Hey, folks, thanks for the welcome! :-)

Laura, it's great to be here. Your new Orchid is quite interesting with so many blooms....
and I love the look of the bark skirt she's wearing, haha. The almond scent must be great!
The CC is ready to open more blooms, too...and even my smaller propagations are blooming this year.

Mike, thanks for the invite, buddy. I can e-mail the full size image of the bloom if you want
to examine it even further. This bloom does seem to be unique as far as color distribution,
although the shape of the bloom clearly shows the lineage.

Here is a long Thread on the acquisition, re-potting, and blooming of this particular Orchid:
My first Orchid!

Robert, as Laura intimated, this Orchid is a special namesake, hybridized by my grandfather.
It is the 'Josh Green' Orchid. Here's some of the information that I have on the crossing:
STELLAMIZUTAARA (Brassavola x Cattleya x Laelia x Broughtonia). Josh Green 'Kaaawa' -
(Ctna Maui Maid x Bc Donna Kimura)

The scent of this Orchid starts out faint and sweet, and then becomes downright spicy as it ages.


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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

sooooooooooooooooooo special!!!

Thank you Josh for sharing the link to your beautiful named Orchid. I know you are one proud man!! So is your grandfather...

Happy New Year!!!


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Well, I couldn't stop myself from looking when I was in the grocery store on New Year's eve - and these two lovelies came home with me. They smell SO good!

and, I can put them out in the yard next spring... so, yes, that's me thinking of spring a bit early. :)

thanks for the kind wishes, folks. I'm still coughing, but feel a lot better. My friends will say it's because they convinced me to drink shots with them... but, I don't believe it. I was getting better anyway, it has nothing to do with hard liquor (nasty stuff).

Anyway, it looks like I'm still shopping for plants and I told myself that I wouldn't do that anymore this year - that I'd wait to see how many of my autumn purchases would thrive and/or survive...

I have a feeling that my honeysuckle isn't going to be a long-term indoor plant as I'd originally intended. she's gotten long and leggy - but, is almost leafless.

I seem to be having more luck with my succulents, than with the fragrant plants...

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the hyacinths

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Hi Laura - welcome to the Fragrant Forum. It's a lot of fun here and you'll find that many are enablers.


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Hello, All! Hope everyone had a nice holiday season!

Like Rosey, I managed to suck up all the local germs while visiting my kids and grandkids... the younger of which are walking virus factories interacting daily with all manner of other neighborhood children and schoolmates... and came home with a nasty chest cold/flu combination. The old guy and I are both sick. I'm glad for things like Vick's VapoRub and antibiotics! I'm a believer in modern pharmaceuticals, as long as I know what they contain and how they work, and whether or not there are more side effects than good effects!

My grandson was full blown sick while we were there, complete with fever that makes your ears red and hot, a horrid cough from a tight chest with infection, packed sinuses, runny nose, chapped lips, the whole nine yards. It's the kind of sick that makes your skin hurt! You know you need to eat, but you can't stomach anything. We felt so bad for the poor little guy... and now that we have it, we know what a trooper he was!

I'm off to a bad start with the new year... my monitor burnt up, I got sick, and to top everything off, I managed to leave my camera behind when we packed up to come home. I think I did, anyway... I can't find it.

On the positive side, H. "Minerva" has kindly waited for me, and is just now starting to open her large buds! And nothing died while we were gone, meaning that my orchids hung in there with the watering I gave them before we left for Christmas.

I also have a Gloriosa vine growing tall and looking to bloom, I think. I had thought the corm died in the pot, but when I gave it a small drink to moisten the medium a bit, it began to grow! It will be interesting to see if it does bloom, as it's growing in an east facing window.

Nice photos, everyone! Josh, that is such a wonderful Catt!

Well... trying to get caught up with reading and posting, taking my time through this cold. I sure hope no one else gets it... it's a nasty one!

Talk at ya all later!

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hello Everyone!!!

I hope you all had a wonderful New Year!!!

Hello to you all..

Mike.. Hope you are feeling better? ;-)

Kasie.. Hi There!! So nice to see you!! Thank you for the warm welcome!!

Hi Jodi!! Hope you are doing well! How is that Kindle?

Hi Robert and Mike from OK!!!

If i have left out any Plumeria vendorss.. please help me out!!! I am just pulling from the top of my head right now.. Thanks!!!

Greendale.. I wanted to post a few names of places to look for Plumeria

My friend Wendy.. she lives in San Diego and has started selling... she sells rooted cuttings at really decent prices . This helps from trying to root the cuttings which can take 2 months to root. I would advise to buy a tree with roots. IMHO ;-) she can send a list and brochure for you..

Jungle Jacks Orange County CA. Jon is wonderful!!
Florida Colors Carol is wonderful to work with!!!
Maui Plumeria Gardens They always send freebies!!!
Piece of Paradise Great prices and quality cuttings (Derrick is known for his great cuttings!!!)
Brads Buds and Blooms.. Florida.. Brad is a wonderful guy and has many great prices and wonderful varieties...


One stop ALoha Matt fromm Hawaii is a great guy!!
Bloomingplumerias Fuzzy has great rooted trees for bid

These two guys i would recommend to buy from from Ebay!!

I hope this helps some of you!!!

If you need any other info.. please let me know!!

Take care,


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Have not had a chance to get back here and almost missed this post. Laura, thanks, thanks, thanks for the list of vendors - that's more than enough - if I get one from each I will end up with 9 plumeria plants :).

The list is saved for coming spring - thanks Laura.

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thanks laura I almost missed the list too! I hope some will ship to Greece...

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Hi, Laura! We're starting to feel human. This is one of those cold/flu combinations that hangs on, taking a long time for recuperation.

I've been slowly learning more about the Kindle, and trying to learn a little more about this laptop so I can get some use out of it. I don't know when my monitor will be fixed. I hope it CAN be fixed! I'm sure it can, but it may take some time. I'm last on the list, since paying customers come first... you know how it is!

Here's H. Minerva in bloom...

Hope everyone is feeling well!

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