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eggleJune 18, 2007

I recently was going through my garage and found a bucket I wanted to clean out, just had some old dirt in the bottom, so I sat it under the drip pipe for the condensation from my air conditionor. I have noticed that I could collect a few gallons a day from this, but does anyone think this could be bad to use in my garden? I was thinking of getting a barrel to dump it into and put in a few goldfish to take care of bug larva in the water. If anything, I could say if the fish are ok, then the water is ok, but would like to hear others oppions first.

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No, it's not bad for your garden. It's essentially distilled water, like the kind you used to use in steam irons. It's by nature "soft" water. It has no minerals like rainwater, so no nutritive value, but the plants in your garden can get that from the soil. It also has a pH of near neutral.

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Hi there, yeah it definately won't harm your plants, but I'm not confident on the fish part of the question although my gut instinct is they should be fine too, as long as the water dripping from the AC unit is room temp??

Another way I conserve water in my house, is to collect all my rainwater from gutters and downpipes etc into a water butt. I have a ground level debris filter and rainwater diverter ('Gutter Mate'), which collects any organic matter - like leaves, moss etc, which I can put on my compost heap, and then diverts the rainwater to my water butt, for watering the plants etc.

I try to reuse & recycle as much as I can, and this diverter allows me to that in my garden too!

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