Good Cheap Starting Pots?

evanthemarketgrower(6)January 30, 2011

I cant seem to find cheap good/cheap pots, i need a bulk of them (1100+)

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mrs.b_in_wy(5a WY)

Hi Evan and welcome to GW!

What are you growing? I'm afraid I'm no help with respect to purchasing pots. I switched to making them from newspaper last year, but I only do a few hundred seedlings at the most. Doing more than that might get old, lol.

I wonder if folks on the Market Forum might have some suggestions for you. I posted the link below.

Good luck!

Here is a link that might be useful: The Market Gardener

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im growing about 1100 squash, and pumnpkin plants along with alot of other things, pots seem to be a big expense. and thank you for the link!

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