Butternut Squash. No frost - when to harvest?

hotzcatz(Hamakua, Hawaii)January 2, 2013

Well, some folks recommend waiting for first frost before harvesting these butternut squash. We don't get frost around here, so what's to do? When should we harvest? There are some almost ripe looking squash on the vines but there are also new flowers and the vines are still growing longer. Several of the older fruits are almost tan all over, although there is still a bit of a green shade to them.

Usually, when planting something for the first time in our garden, the back of the seed packet will mention how long until harvest and that gets noted on the calendar. However, a neighbor brought over a couple of small squash seedlings so no seed packet to look at for advice. The neighbor has never grown these squash before and doesn't know when to harvest and they don't have the seed packet anymore. I've not grown much squash but watermelons are harvested when tendrils near the melon turn brown. Is it the same with Butternut squash?

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Butternuts like most winter squash can be harvested when the skin becomes too hard to dent with a finger nail. In the case of the butternut, I would wait until the squash is entirely tan.

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