Protecting berries from birds!

dawggardnerMay 5, 2010

Any CREATIVE suggestions out there for protecting strawberry plants and blueberry bushes? The birds are already getting in my strawberries. I've used standard netting in the past, and it works just fine. But I'm hoping for something a little more user-friendly. Having to remove all that netting in order to pick berries each time is a pain. Thanks!

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girlgroupgirl(8 ATL)

So far mine have been safe after dangling old used CD's from string. The mockingbirds stopped getting them after stringing up. Some of the blueberries will be protected this way too!

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I will try that for my thornless Blackberies. Bluejays ate them all last year and I want some this year.

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Throw some nylon tulle on them. You find it at Hobby Lobby or any fabric stores.
They are inexpensixe and practical. Birds wouldn't even bother to sit on them becase
theie toes can get tangled and feel like its a trap.
Bye bye birdies!

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bleedenver(z7 GA)

I'm just using bird netting but made a quick PVC frame for it so it's easy to take on/off. I used pipe insulation to hold the netting on.

The good thing is that pollinators like bees can still get in. The bad thing is that other baddies like japanese beetles can get in also.

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I was just visiting a friend and he had constructed a big tent of netting above his strawberries and blueberries. A cardinal had somehow gotten in and then could not get out. It was flying around and around, exhausting itself! We pulled up a corner and the bird was able to escape.

Birds don't bother my blueberries. I actually planted them for the birds (but we eat some too) and the berries stay on the bush forever!

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