young-gardenerMay 14, 2009

My mums are starting to bloom. Last year, I cut them back (like we always did in WV), but I had to cut them back two or three times during the summer. Do you cut yours back before they bloom, or do you get two bloom times out of them? I'm still trying to adjust to the longer season here.

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The blooming time of some plants, including mums, is determined by the length of daylight hours. Due to our mild temperatures this encourages both a spring and fall bloom when the required light conditions are present. After the spring bloom is a good time to cut mums back and divide them if necessary.

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squirrellypete(z7b AL)

Wow, I didn't know that about mums. Thanks for the info. I always thought they bloomed only once in the Spring/early summer here or you could start cutting them back through the year to delay bloom til' late summer/Fall. Didn't know they might bloom twice if left alone. My problem is some of the varieties I have get too lanky if you don't cut them back a few times. I love 'Ryan's Pink' but it will flop over if not trimmed.


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If you allow them to bloom now. Make sure you cut them back around or before the fourth of July again for fall blooms.

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That's excellent! I love suddenly being able to get double duty out of plants! Georgia is great!

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frannyflowers(7b Marietta, GA)

I didn't know that either, great to know. Thanks!

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