How do you hang your birdhouse gourds?

gourd_friends(z5/6 IL)January 8, 2007

There are so many ways to hang gourds, what's your favorite method? We're talking about finished gourds here............??

I've used twine, leather, stovepipe wire, raffia, and other string/twine type materials.

Sometimes, I've added a stick or bamboo through the gourd.

Sometimes its whatever suits the gourd design, sometimes its whatever I have handy.


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GardenKiwi(Z5 Michigan)

I have given mine away and noone has complained - yet!
I use leather thong (thicker than a shoelace), thick hemp and copper wire. I use a good long length of copper wire and wrap it around a pencil to coil the ends so that it looks like vining on a morning glory ... 'tis cute and gives a great look. I also use thick silver-looking wire and do the same thing - usually one of the wire colors matches what I have done.

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I've used twine, but it's not durable for long term outdoor use. I've also used a sturdy wire-bent here and there to look more rustic.
gardenkiwi-I love the idea of using copper wire and coiling the ends a bit!

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GardenKiwi(Z5 Michigan)

Thanks sowngrow!
I was so busy getting the bug that I have on the gourd that I didn't get a good photo of the coiled wire "tendrils" but here is the link anyhow! I have not taken photos of any of the others that I can think of. Next time I shall make sure I get decent pictures to share!
Rita in Michigan

Here is a link that might be useful:

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