Is there such thing as a 'hard shelled' pumpkin gourd?

mersiepoo(6)January 9, 2012

I grew some, they look just like pumpkins, but they dry as a hard shelled gourd. I was wondering what the name of this variety is, as I've never seen them in catalogs before.

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Pumpkins and ornamental gourds (the small colorful ones) are the same species and cross freely. It isn't uncommon to get a strange hybrid. A lot of times these hybrids have warts, such as knuckle head and the smaller goosebumps.

Knuckle Head:

It is generally not wanted to have pumpkins with hard shells because you can't carve them, or make pies out of them, even though I wouldn't make a pie out of an orange pumpkin anyway. As a consequense other than the warted ones, which also dry, I don't know of a seed source.

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Hi weirdtrev! Thank you for replying! I have grown this pumpkin thing for a few years and it pretty much looks the same, so I'm assuming it's not a hybrid. It doesn't have warty stuff on it, it just looks exactly like a pumpkin. The crazy thing is, the 'flesh' is exactly like spaghetti squash too.

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Concur: There are winter squash, that have shells so hard that you need a machete or chainsaw to open them. Hubbards for example. The difference between them and a true gourd (Lagenaria siceraria) is that the flesh does not dry away as they are cured. Makes the squash group difficult to dry altho they will hold for an extended period.

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If what you say is correct, then you may have the pumpkin I have been searching four years for. If at all possible, might I persuade you into sending me a collection of those seeds? And/or a photo of these pumpkins, so I can confirm they are what I have been searching for?

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