Go to Jail? Willis Orchards for Sale

fireant156May 28, 2010

Governmental agents have leaked a report of a widespread, ongoing investigation of Paradise Palm Co. Nursery and Willis Orchard Nursery, and that the owner of Willis Orchards has panicked to rush to sell out his company and to flee the United States. This result of this online information has been published at (www.buybusiness.com/Businesses/13803/Multi-Million-Dollar-Mail-Order-Nursery-for-Sale-Top-Nationally-Recognized-Company)

Authorities claim that Paradise Palm Co. was formally a website operated under the Internet address, www.paradisepalmco.com owned by Jason Willis, who also owns www.willisorchards.com, and the closed down company, Paradise Palm Co. has been forced off the INTERNET due to illegal activities. Rumors fly, that the U.S.D.A, recently fined Willis Orchard Co. for illegally shipping infected citrus into Texas and other States. Jason Willis was forced to destroy all his on site diseased citrus trees and then to "Cease and Desist" the selling of citrus on the www.willisorchards.com website.

A garden watchdog website, is reporting that Willis Orchard Nursery has compiled more negative complaints that positives, and the B.B.B. after three years is still showing an 'F' rating for www.willisorchards.com, a rating that is so bad. that you cannot even bring up the name Willis Orchards unless you type in the now defunct company, Paradise Palm Co in Moultrie, Georgia.

It is unclear. whether or not, the greatly indebted and empty pockets of former suppliers of Willis Orchards will seek a Court intervention to block the sale of Willis Orchards, before the owner, Jason Willis, has a chance to flee the United States and pursue his other interests in a foreign county.

Website investigators have advised present and past customers of Willis Orchards and Paradise Palm Co. to complain to the following agencies, if they have any complaints against the Willis Orchards complex, or if the customers are owed free replacements resulting from dead or infected plants.

Tommy Irvin Georgia State Agriculture Commissioner:

Email- tommy.irvin@agr.georgia.gov

Phone- 1-800-282-5852

Georgia Governor's Office of Consumer Affairs:

Office of the Attorney General of Georgia

Thurbert E. Baker, Attorney General

40 Capitol Square, SW

Atlanta, GA 30334

Call 404-651-8600 or Toll Free 1-800-869-1123

Website: http://consumer.georgia.gov/00/channel_title/0,2094,5426814_39102589,00.html

Georgia BBB:

500 12th Street

Columbus GA 31901

Phone- (706)324-0712

Email- info@columbus-ga.bbb.org

Website- http://columbusga.bbb.org

For protection you can file charge backs with your credit card company also.

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brandon7 TN_zone(7)

I think most of us would know better than to order from Willis in the first place, given their negative ratings on Garden Watchdog. But, it's kind of weird how all these new people are signing up just to post these messages here on Gardenweb in multiple forums. Something seems a little fishy. I think there may be more to the story than meets the eye, and there may be more to the motives of these new forum participants than they claim.

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Or it could be someone that wants to make sure jason is very broke and panic people that are think of buying stuff. Hey why did willis orchard only last 4 years but tyty is still up after like 30+ years of ripping off people?! But that place is in georgia and it should go here!

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brandon7 TN_zone(7)

Georgeb_noobgarden, I think you probably hit the nail squarely on its head. I just didn't want to make that accusation without knowing for sure.

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woody_ga(7a GA)

My thoughts exactly. When I read this I was wondering if Willis Orchard Nursery was really TyTy. TyTy should shut down.

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brandon7 TN_zone(7)

Jason, the owner of Willis Orchards, addressed this apparently unethical new contributor in a thread in the Fruit and Orchards Forum. Here's a link.

Here is a link that might be useful: Response in Fruit and Orchards Forum

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TyTy is also involved or operating under about forty other names as well. Here's a small sample of the names they operate under.
Blackberry Plant Nursery
African Amaryllis Bulb Nursery
Apple Tree Nursery
Bunch and Seedless Grape Vine Nursery
Pecan Tree Nursery
Tree Nursery
Aaron's Bulb Farm(part & parcel of TyTy) also does business as:
Aaron's Amaryllis & Canna Bulb Farm Nursery
Arron's Flower, Tree, and Shrub Nursery
Arron's Nursery with other listings
Aaron's Bamboo Nursery
Aaron's Daffodil Nursery
Aaron's Leucojum, Tuberose, and Eucomis Nursery
Aaron's Allium Nursery
Aaron's Clivia Nursery
Aaron's Agapanthus Nursery
Aaron's Elephant Ear Nursery
Aaron's Ariod Nursery
Aaron's Iris Nursery
Aaron's Ginger Lily Nursery
Aaron's Hymenocallis Nursery
Aaron's Crinum Lily Nursery
Aaron's Banana Tree Nursery
Aaron's Perennial Nursery
Arron's Fruit Nursery
Apple Tree Nursery
Blackberry Nursery
Blueberry Nursery
Fig Tree Nursery
Grape Vine Nursery
Pecan Tree Nursery
Peach Tree Nursery
Persimmon Tree Nursery
Plum Tree Nursery
Citrus Tree Nursery
Pear Tree Nursery

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I hope I'm not being too presumptuous here but can we let this thread die?


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brandon7 TN_zone(7)

But, isn't it a good thing for people to know what's going on? I can remember when I had never heard of TyTy and actually considered buying from them. I can imagine someone in the future googling "Willis Orchards" and thinking that the OP's post was valid or googling TyTy and not knowing about all their tricks. I'm so glad we found out the truth. I also really appreciate Vroomp's post too. I think that information could be very helpful to many of us and those less familiar with TyTy's "business practices".

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woody_ga(7a GA)

I love this quote, "A garden watchdog website, is reporting that Willis Orchard Nursery has compiled more negative complaints that positives...."

Remember when Ty Ty had Dave's remove them from Garden Watchdog? Ha!

I personally think there should be a thread about Ty Ty abuses constantly going.

But all that said, we don't know the actually true story. To me, the story in the Fruit & Orchards forum has the sound of truth, but I've been fooled plenty of times before.

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This will be the 2nd time I have ben ripped off by a nursery on the net. I just spent 160.00 on a few plants. Is this a lost cause? Do they answer the phone I can get on my Motorcycle and be in Moultrie in a few hours. What should I do?
Oh No!

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brandon7 TN_zone(7)


First, always check Garden Watchdog BEFORE sending someone, you don't know, money for plants. Using that resource in conjunction with normal due diligence should help to insure that you're not likely to get ripped off in the first place.

As for what you should do once you get "ripped off" (whatever that means in this particular case)...contact the nursery and try to be diplomatic; contact the owner if you don't get the desired response from your initial contact; if you still aren't satisfied with the resolution, add a comment on Garden Watchdog and maybe contact the Better Business Bureau. If you used a credit card to make the purchase, your credit card company should be able to help. You might want to contact them first.

If your problem is with Willis Orchards, I'd be willing to bet that if you can get ahold of the owner, he'll try to make you happy if your expectations are reasonable. He even left his personal email address in one of the posts in the Fruit and Orchards Forum, but I don't know how to easily (quickly) find that post. I bet a little searching would turn it up though.

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