anything new for 2012?

brookw_gwJanuary 12, 2012

After a very disappointing squash/pumpkin season last year, I'm cutting down considerably on the number of varieties for this year. As much as I love heirlooms, I'm also trying more hybrids this year. I was very impressed with Avalon butternut and would like to try out a couple other hybrids. My main crop butternuts tho' will be the Tahitians. A new spaghetti squash will be Stripetti, and a new delicata will be Honey Boat. Speckled Pup, bat wing acorn, and Orange Cutie will be added. I'll still have over a dozen weird heirlooms, but nothing like the past two years.

The demand for regular pumpkins has me trying Camaro, Corvette, and Mustang. Knuckleheads, Goosebumps, and Cinderellas will also increase. Smaller-sized pumpkins will remain the same.

I'll plant about the same amount of gourds as last year as I've still got about 8 bushels left over from 2 years ago. I liked the Daisy series but was unimpressed with the winged gourds.

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If you interested in novelties try Porcelian Doll

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Thanks. I'm always up for something new. Is that a pumpkin, squash, or gourd? Did a Google search and came up empty.

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Porcelain doll is an introduction from DP Seeds. It is a 20 25 lb shocking pink pumpkin released so growers can have for breast cancer awareness month.

Here is a link that might be useful: Porcelain Doll

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Awesome!! This one's definitely going to make my inventory list. Thank you very much for the link.


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I'm growing a lot of new things this year! For squash: Spaghetti squash, Hubbard squash, Carnival squash, and Turks Turban squash. For pumpkins: Connecicut Field, Howden, Small World of Color, Red Warty Thing, Jamboree, Rumbo, Gurneys Giant Magic Hybrid, Big Max, Jack be little, Baby Boo White, Wolf, Galeuse D Eysines, Cinderella, and Howden Biggie!

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That's a really nice assortment. I noticed on your other post you sell. Some really great sellers for me have been Knucklehead and Goosebumps. Cinderella also sells out quickly. I actually profit more on small pumpkins though. One hill of pie pumpkins, like Small Sugar, produces far more $2 pumpkins than a hill of regular pumpkins that make a couple $3-4 pumpkins. Of all my winter squashes, butternuts are hands down the most popular. Good luck this year.

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new ones for this year are Pik-A-Pies, Lumina, and Appalachian F1

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Thank you! Yeah, last year was a start for me, but this year I'm hoping to have more and bigger pumpkins! I'm excited to grow the winter squashes too, some are really cool looking! Good luck to you too!

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Campanula UK Z8

A new one for the british market - Autumn Crown, a hybrid between butternot (does not always ripen in an english summer) and Crown Prince (which is reliably fast. Looks like a smaller Crown Prince but the same honey colour as butternut.

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A lot of what I am trying this year I tried last year but got cleaned out by bugs. I have so many different seeds this year I had to make a list in a word processor... Here are all squash/gourds/pumpkins:

Small Fancy Mix

Dill's Atlantic Giant
Early Sugar pie
Williams Naked Seeded

Summer squash:
Crookneck, Early Golden
Scallop, Early White Bush
Scallop, Yellow Bush
Straightneck, Early Prolific
Straightneck, Early Yellow
Zucchini, Dark Green
Zucchini, Goldtender
Zucchini, Grey Gourmet Hybrid
Zucchini, Greyzini
Zucchini, Round (grey)

Winter squash:
Acorn Squash
Banana, Pink Jumbo
Buttercup, Burgess (Winter Harvest Mix)
Butternut, Waltham (Winter Harvest Mix)
Delicata (Winter Harvest Mix)
Hubbard, Golden
Hubbard, True Green Improved
Spaghetti, Vegetable (Winter Harvest Mix)
Victor (Red warty thing)

I've grown pumpkin before, and regular green zuchinnis, crooknecks and straightnecks, but a lot of the varieties will be new for me. This is my first time trying to grow gourds, as I usual grow for food, not decoration.

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Adding Casper, Lumina and green striped cushaw to my list.

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Only doing 3 varieties of squash, -but they're all new to me.

Anna Schwartz Hubbard
Boston Marrow

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I'm only doing summer squash this year but, I'm starting.
Burpee's fordhook
early white scallop (doing really good)
and kazi's kross

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