Lots and Lots of Lovelies for Saturday

maximus7116(MI)July 26, 2014

A great day in the garden!

RED SKELETONS, one of my favorite reds, continues to bloom:

ON THE WATERFRONT is aptly named with this visitor:

FFO on UP ON THE ROOF, a great late that is chest-high:

LANA ISHEE has been blooming for a while. This year it has appeared redder, rather than its usual orange:

Hanson's wonderful COBRASKIN NECKTIE, a bonus from Curt last year:

BEACHIN' BABE, planted last year:

GANGSTER OF LOVE is a great pink:

BETTER THAN EVER has been blooming for weeks:


HIGH WATER MARK always blooms much darker than I've seen in other photos:

AUNTIE EM, another gift from Curt, with its FFO:

SWALLOWTAIL KITE is looking great after being moved to a better spot in the garden:

CASTLE CAMELOT is planted under a pine tree but hasn't seemed to mind. It's been blooming for weeks:

VICTORIAN LACE with INCA PRINCE in the background. This has been the best year for VL:

Two daylilies were scheduled to be shipped off. Of course, that's when the daylilies decide to show you their stuff.

MORTICIA in the weed garden has earned itself a move next year:

SUNRISE SUNSET BEAUTIFUL looked like this, after I griped about it a few days ago:


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sherrygirl zone5

All are great as usual! I agree, Morticia does need out of the weed garden! Love the color.


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sherrygirl zone5

Are your Stargazers bigger this year? Spotted one with Tahiti Sweetie. Mine are huge this year!


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Wow- that is a great day in the garden. Such an amazing display of colors! I especially appreciate Red Skeletons and Tahiti Sweetie.

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shive(6b TN)

What a gorgeous display of daylilies! I especially loved Cobraskin Necktie and Auntie Em, both of which I have considered buying multiplie times. Your photos just pushed me over the edge. Your clump of Better Than Ever looks fabulous. More people should grow that one. Sunrise Sunset Beautiful just glows in a clump! I like On the Waterfront's color, and the little green adornment just makes the photo that much better!

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Maryl zone 7a

You have some that have been on my long list for awhile. Sunrise, Sunset Beautiful is a color that grabs my attention, Lana Ishee is also on that list, but I thought it was more orange? Regardless of color this year, I still like it and it will remain on my list.....I like bright colors so Beachin Babe came as a surprise. I think it's the daylily itself. Looks like it has good substance and I like the edge. Red Skeltons ( a cute name) is another bright beauty I like. All in all you have a great group this time. Looking forward to more....Maryl

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These are all exceptionally nice. High Water Mark is one that I'd love to have, and I really like Red Skeletons too. How big is that bloom on Beachin' Babe....it looks enormous in that pic?


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Can't pick a favorite. They are all nice.

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There certainly are lots, with some dynamite photos. But indulge a few questions. Auntie Em has that weird sepal separation. Is that typical; do you find it attractive? How would you evaluate High Water Mark? Is the opening in the pic of Gangster of Love typical? How does Beachin Babe hold in the sun?

Better than Ever is a good performer here, but moderately sized. It seems not to gain attention from garden visitors.

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Lovelies indeed! They are all so pretty it's impossible to pick a favorite. Wow chest-high Up On The Roof! And it's a late!
I tried that threatening of the daylilies, nope, doesn't seem to work on mine :)

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I love the one with the froggie.

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Sherry, Morticia has been here quite a while and never had a great bud count. This year has been great, so it deserves the move. Yes, the stargazers are enormous this year and smell great (which is why they're planted by the screened-in porch).

Mamalion, both of those are good performers. Red Skeletons was moved this spring so I wasn't sure it would even bloom this year, and it's having its best year yet.

Debra, I think I put Cobraskin Necktie and Auntie Em on my "suggestions for bonuses" list when I ordered from Curt, and you know he's generous with bonuses. For the FFO on each, I'm pretty happy.

Maryl and Linda, I usually like them bright, too, but Beachin' Babe looked different from the daylilies I normally choose, so I decided to try it. It isn't as gigantic as my photo shows -- I'd guess it's about 5" with good height.

Thanks, Judy and Deeby. Nice comments make posting photos worthwhile.

Mantis, I don't think the sepal separation/notch is normal. Because this is its FFO, I'm guessing it will change in subsequent blooms. I'll let you know. We continue to have cool nights, so I'm not sure if Gangster's opening is normal or not. I do have quite a few that don't fully open during the day. I've tried to force them open and with many of Hansons that have that heavy substance, I end up breaking the petals. I love the chalky watermark of HWM and it has great height, but so far hasn't had good bud count. So far BB has held up well, but we haven't had very high temps here. It does have good substance.

Thanks, Nat! My threatening has evidently paid off this year. I LOVE the tall daylilies, so UOTR is right up my alley. This year I also added Sky Captain, another Hanson that is lavender and very tall.

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I am surprised that Red Skeletons was moved this spring and blooming so well. Or let's say I'm wondering what I am doing wrong :) I moved several this spring (before scapes appear) and they all have smaller blooms, some are even tiny. Like Elegant Candy with 1 inch flowers :) At least they didn't all get very sick like 2 years ago when I moved some last time. I should probably stop touching them at all :)
Love the tall ones too! I was going to make a post about mine.

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jean_ar(z8 Ar)

OH MY GOODNESS, I have scrolled up and down trying to decide which one I like the best and I just can not decide which one is the very prettiest one. I do love that one that's so different(to me) COBRASKIN NECKTIE, boy, that is a looker. so beautiful, but they all are beautiful.I will be looking at these off and on for weeks.Thank you for the marvelous show.


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Laura twixanddud(5b MI)

Wow, what a great day in your garden! I love the froggie, Cobraskin Necktie, Tahiti Sweetie, High Water Mark and Morticia. A couple of those are on my want list... with Morticia, I'm wondering if it's too similar to Cameroons though, which I have and love. Thanks for sharing all your great pics!

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Thanks, Jean. I'm glad you enjoyed the show.

Nat, I look forward to your post about the tall daylilies. I moved quite a few daylilies this spring and didn't expect anything from them, but most surprised me by blooming this year.

Twix, Morticia is more purple than Cameroons (which I also have and love). Here, Cameroons is more of a claret or wine color and also has that lovely notched watermark. Also, Morticia tends to twist or cascade more than Cameroons.

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Nancy zone 6

You started out great with Red Skeletons, but the following ones were just as great. I'm liking the extra tall daylilies more all the time. The tallest one I have is a seedling, I don't know what I crossed to get something that tall, but I really like it. Not a high bud count, averaging 10-14, but the flowers are so huge that you don't really notice it so much. I have Morticia too, it blooms pretty well for me & I love the look of it, but the plant itself is rather wispy & not multiplying. I'm going to try moving it, hope that helps it.

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Laura twixanddud(5b MI)

Thanks for the info / comparison on Morticia, I will keep it on my list!

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I have noticed that the scapes on Morticia look pretty spindly, but it doesn't have a problem holding up the flowers. It hasn't multiplied well, but it's in that awful weed garden that gets too much shade (and too many weeds).

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Beautiful photos of beautiful flowers, Chris! Daylilies read your mind and know when they are leaving and show out big time! I don't blame you, Morticia is a beauty. And sunrise Sunset Beautiful is beautiful. You have so many lovelies I hate to name a few for missing others, but Red Skeletons is a beauty, and so is Cobraskin Necktie. Tahiti Sweetie is a beauty too. so many . thanks for a eye-candy filled post.

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Thanks, Kay -- it was a great day in the garden.

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