I think this Top Ten Plants for Georgia is ridiculous

rosiew(8 GA)June 10, 2013

There, I've said it. This is from a link in this morning's AJC.

There is so much misinformation floating around. I'd like your opinions on these 'top ten'.


Here is a link that might be useful: Some writers misguided opinions on top ten plants

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Yes, I would like to see other opinions, too. I have been appalled to see invasive species plants on some lists. On the subject, i aquired an akebia vine, have read some negatives about the invasiveness of it. I was so excited, as have been searching for it since moving here 3 years ago. Should I just kill it or plant it next to the porch?

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I never felt that information put out by Tina Samuels was very accurate. She did a native plant book for Georgia that had issues in the content.

While those are certainly good plants, I would not describe them as top ten plants for Georgia even in the world of native plants. Georgia is a huge state and no single list will do for the range of environments we have.

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IMO I don't agree with the Trumpet Creeper, Catawba or the Wisteria. At least not down here in the southern part of Georgia. The Violet, not real sure of. I think thats what I've been trying to get rid of.

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girlgroupgirl(8 ATL)

I would also not classify these as a general top 10 plants at all. Some of them are wonderful garden plants, some are wonderful on larger properties, some do better in some parts of the state than others but I don't feel they are the top 10. Tina Samuels book is meh, I totally agree with Esh.

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The violet is a great plant, good looking and pretty well behaved, and native to about the upper 2/3 of the state. Here's one of mine.
It's not the same thing as other lobed-leaf violets; it is very finely dissected.

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rosiew(8 GA)

When I originally posted, remember being in a very cranky mood. Mea culpa again and again.

Think I'm just growing tired of poorly presented material, page fillers, overreaching authors. I'm very glad I didn't write the article.

Rosie, kind of cranky again as the web-foot syndrome sets in.

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vicki7(z7 N.Ga.)

I agree with esh, I would not put any of those in a top ten list for Ga. Makes me wonder if this lady has actually ever gardened at all.

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The only one of the mentioned that I would agree with is the Black-Eye Susan because it does weather our climate well and puts out a nice display. But then after reading her column again she is stating "Native plants" or plants growing wild.

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