Daylilies 'no show' this season, and

nat4b(4)July 27, 2012

do you have any DLs that never bloomed for you? :) Since you got them, and not last year?

My non-bloomers

1. Moon Over Monteray

2. Saint Fiacre (though I am not 100% positive it is the right name)

3. Xia Xiang

The rest that did not bloom or only have one tiny distorted flower (like Chicago Apache, Custard and Strawberry Candies and about 10 more) all had scapes but either got sick or a tree fell on them and so on, so I don't consider them no-shows.

And Xia Xiang is the one that never bloomed :D I got it in the spring of 2010, just thought that the name sounded unusual (I don't know how to say it) and it would be good for the front since it's short.

Please post (or complain about ;)) yours!

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My non-bloomers:

Laura Harwood
Banned In Boston
Ruby Spider
Lake Norman Spider
Fairy Tale Pink
Etched Eyes
Charles Johnston
Destined To See
First Knight
Indian Paintbrush
Irresistible Charm
Jolyene Nichole
Light Years Away
Nordic Night
Siloam Ribbon Candy

Better luck next year I guess!


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mizellie(z7 Al)

Dizzy Miss Lizzy
All About Eve
Apache Sunrise
Autumn Jewels
Betty Woods
Somewhat Beautiful
Witches Stick
I always had trouble with Xia Xiang. I no longer have that one. Really, that not to bad when you consider that I had around 750. I'm down minus 79 so far and more is to go! Ellie

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Walter Kennedy (not it's fault, moved it at a bad time)

One of my Ledgewoods (can't remember...a new one, not Firecracker or Pansy Eye or Jumpstart)

Wheel of Time


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Red Sapphire (two years of no bloom)

Those listed below were either planted last fall (*), or they managed to survive the bad drought last year.

Most of these have dramatically improved in growth since we've had rain, some trees removed or trimmed, and a new wrought iron fence to replace the board fence. They are improving noticeably with a lot more sun, especially early morning sun.

British Redcoat*
Let The Games Begin
Burning Angel*
Cerise Masterpiece*
Crowning Light*
Feathered Angel
Felecia Grace
Fires of Fuji*
Girls Night Out
Golden Tear Drops*
Hang Six
Hank Williams*
Happy Apache
Hooked on Edges
Inherited Wealth
Marmalade Skies
Midnight Magic
Painting the Roses Red*
Parrot Jungle
Pirate's Patch
Plum Foolish
Pure Indulgence
Sense of Wonder*
Shaka Zulu
Some Sweet Day*
Song Triumphant
Street Urchin
Victorian Lace
Vintage Bordeaux
Wild Mustang
Wishmaster (still has one little fan)
Portofino* (has dwindled down to one small fan)
Roses and Gold
Roses in Snow


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shive(6b TN)

I've had many in the past that did not bloom for two years and then became my best performers. Ruby Lipstick comes to mind, and I know there were others but I can't remember their names. The ones that took three years to bloom were acquired in drought years.

I had a few that did not bloom this year: Tahlequah Flame, Purple Corn Dancer and Belated Greetings, all lates. Two other lates, Ethereal Light and Witch's Stick only had two or three buds. I suspect this was related to the heat wave.


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I moved a few around last fall and although the plants looked great, they did not bloom this year. But they've been here a while and will bloom next year.

BTW, I grow the cultivar you mentioend, Xia Xiang. It blooms here but scapes are too short for me. The pronunciation is :

See-ya See -yang, or that's the closest I can spell it phonetically.

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I got Regal Fantasy in 2008 and it bloomed for the first time this year. I like it but sorry I had to wait four years to see it. Was about to give up on it.

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At last count, I had around 130 that didn't bloom, but that includes ones that sent up scapes where the buds shriveled and fell off. Next year . . .

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I believe this is the correct pronunciation.
C-ah C-ang

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Lemon Lily sent up scapes and they froze or withered---for the third year---I am about to give up on it-----------Weedy

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ontnative(5b Can/USDA 4)

I thought I was the only one with daylilies planted for a couple of years that didn't bloom. Probably the drought this summer and not enough sun (especially morning sun.) I guess that is why DLs bloom so well in one person's garden and not in another's. I really need the tough ones.

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I had a lot of no-shows or poor-shows, but I'm not naming names because I really don't think it was the fault of the plant. Also, daylilies here rarely (if ever) seem to match the bud counts that the hybridizers claim.

Those of mine that didn't bloom, did so either thanks to the deer, or due to drought and some degree of neglect. Those are all in the unprotected part of the garden. (If we can just get it deer fenced, I'm sure that will energize me to go take care of them properly.)

In the protected area, I had some daylilies newly planted last year that didn't do so well - they bloomed but with few buds. I think that was maybe due to a combination of too much shade (before they got planted - but even the sunnier parts of that area get a lot of shade) and not enough water.

We are forever fiddling with the irrigation system here. All of the drought tolerant plants are happy, but the daylilies demand more. (Someone took it upon themselves to cut down the water to the raised beds to every other day, as opposed to daily. I didn't discover this until the daylilies started blooming - and the blooms were both smaller than they should be, and did not open well. Everything else in the raised beds, including some roses, seemed perfectly happy.)

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