Need Help From Somebody Who Has Good Luck With C. Maxima

euarto_gullible(5)January 28, 2013


I have some squash seeds that I gathered in the villages of Macedonia while a Peace Corps volunteer in 2007. One of them is a large seeded c. maxima variety. I have tried to grow it for several years, but they are very susceptible to bacterial wilt here and I grow organically. I really would like to see what they are.
I would like to send the seed to somebody who wants to grow it out along with postage, if they'll save pure seed and mail some back to me next winter. Both years the plants were majestic and long before wilt got them. Those villagers grew some wild stuff, and I would hate for this to be some special rare variety that simply languishes in my collection until it becomes nonviable.

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Euarto, I'd recommend you either try someone in the western part of the country or else, a real expert with squash, who, like you mention, has had success with c. maximas. Here in my part of Oklahoma, they are VERY susceptible to squash vine borers. You might contact Glenn Drowns at Sandhill Preservation Center. He's such an expert. But if a GW member, say from Washington State or California, were to offer, I bet they could do it for you.

Tahlequah, OK

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