How to maximize peach sweetness before picking?

garedneckJune 19, 2009

My early july elberta peaches are ripening and wanted to know if there a few little things to be done to the tree or soil at this stage to maximize flavor or sweetness? Pick in morning,? Pick in afternoon after full sun? Keep tree well watered each morning? Add some fertilizer? Don't water tree? I know to pick when fragrant with peach aroma and soft to the touch.

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ladywindsurfer(Z7 SE)

Probably the best solution is to withhold water, that will allow sugars to concentrate in the fruit.
Some growers in CA do that and some do not. You can sure tell the difference in the sweetness of the fruit.

Drought stressed plants produce more flowers and if pollinated, more fruit (viable seed), that has enough stored energy (sugars & starches) to produce and sustain it's offspring.

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Thanks ladywindsurfer.

I have read some use a product of crushed granite sprayed on the leaves a few days before harvest and or a solution of kelp to help raise sweetness sightly. The county extension agent thought kelp might help, but there wasn't anything proven except to not water beforehand.

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