Looking for jalapeno and anaheim pepper plants

rosiewJune 11, 2008

Good morning everybody. My friends and I haven't been able to find these plants within a reasonable drive (we're between Buford and Cumming). Any spottings? Also would like to try poblanos.

Advice much appreciated,

Rosie in Sugar Hill

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I know that I've seen plenty of jalapenos and some anaheim, both at the Home Depot at hamilton mill. Although , it has been a while since I was snooping aroudn the veggie seedlings. I also remember seeing poblano at home depot over the years,have you checked there or lowes yet? options may be dwindling as the season moves along

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I'll check with the Hamilton Mill HD. Thanks for the tip. We had checked Buford HD, Walmart and Lowes, plus Suwanee Pikes and Northside in Sugar Hill. Will experiment with growing from seed - just will have to wait a LOT longer.

Much appreciate you writing.

Rosie in Sugar Hill

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I just bought a jalepeno and cayenne pepper plant yesterday at Lowe's. You might want to see if one close to has them.

Good luck! I had a hard time finding Tabasco pepper plants last year.


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Not too late to grow from seed.

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