squash vine borers

ag2005January 3, 2014

Hello all,

Is their any summer squash varieties that are resistant to squash vine borers. I have heard that Tatume squash have solid stems. I figure this would be a good defense against them I am going to use floating row covers till the plants start to bloom then I will remove them for pollination. also, I am growing some parthoencarpic zucchini under some row covers. I will see if I can grow them without removing the covers. Thanks


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You should do allright with the parthenocarpic zucchini. A popular zucchini substitute is the Trompbocino, actually a butternut type but used when young like a zucchini. Less popular is the Cucuzzi, actually a bottle gourd type, but used when young as a zucchini substitute. While Tatume/Calabacita is a C.pepo, It does according to TAMU, have some resistance to squash borers. Biggest drawback to Trombocino, Cucuzzi, and Tatume is that that they have rampant vines that will run into the next county.

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