Ecofreindly Cabinets

JeannieMer(7)July 14, 2011

need to select an eco cabinet now....shaker style white painted. So, which brand is best? Semi-healthy, no formaldehyde but is quality and reasonably priced? Leaning towards Christiana.....anyone have these installed?

1. Breath Easy [from Green Depot in NY]

2. Tedd Wood [from Barron Kitchens in Gaithersburg, MD]

3. Ecofriendly line from Executive Cabinets [from Amicus Green Building in Kensington, MD]

4. Earthfriendly by Christiana [from Kitchen and Bath Studios in Bethesda, MD]

5. - KountryKraft [from an independent designer, love her, maybe not the cabinet brand]

6. CrownPoint [direct + milkpaint :) [but pricey!]

Should I consider any other brands? Should I immediately eliminate one from my short list? Is there somethings that i should be looking for to compare these brands?

Does anyone have installed cabinets that are eco-friendly and they love?

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I'm on the same hunt, but on the other coast. :) Have you thought about Ikea? They adhere to European admissions standards, not U.S.

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Did you find one?

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Not yet, will place an order in the next month or so, but I am still finalizing the layout.

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You are probably acquainted with compound board; this content is typically created with the scraps from wood generators and produced with harmful urea formaldehyde.

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thanks for the input. as of this date, i am leaning towards Christiana Cabinetry. A bit more expensive, but wow, what a beautiful cabinet. Like fine furniture.

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