First Timer with Dipper Gourds and ???

Vera_EWASH(z5 EasternWA)February 2, 2005

I ordered the seed and plan to start April 12 and transplant May 12-20.

I have been doing some reading on growing, harvesting and dry etc, including reading the messages posted here. I'm am confused about the "bring in or leave out" issue. When you leave them to "field dry" does that mean you leave them on the dead vines thru the winter buried in snow (if hill planted) or hanging on a trellis until spring and then cut away? How do I know they are mature enough to be safe leaving them out. We usually get our first hard frost around Oct. 31/Early Nov. If I can let them be outdoors that is what I would prefer if possible.



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redblossom40(z8-9 sierra)

Hi Vera, this "bring in or leave out" issue, will never be solve. Only because everybody has different climates and have different luck with either or. Being that you live in an area with snow, I would hang them in a shed or garage. If you leave them out in the snow they will moldew and could became soft and rot. I know ,because this as happen to me. As for hanging on a trellis, weather is still a factor. What you might want to do is being this is going to be your first. Do both and see which way works for you.
Happy Gourding

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Vera_EWASH(z5 EasternWA)

That sounds like a plan Tamara; I'll go ahead and try both methods. I'm just worried about drying them in my home and mold spores? Is this kind of mold an issue?



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redblossom40(z8-9 sierra)

That will depend on where in the house you place them. I've have found that usually in the house you wont have the mold, if it's kept in a dry and airy spot. If you want and it's aliitle more work, you can scape all the outer skin off and soak it in bleach water for alittle awhile to kill any mold. Your gourd will be light in color without any mold stains when it's dry.
Have fun

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Vera_EWASH(z5 EasternWA)

Now I'm wondering if starting April 12th will be soon enough to have big enough transplants by May 12...
How fast or slow are they to germinate? I started a variety of chilies last thursday and wanted to start my dipper gourds then but didn't....should I have?
We usually don't get a first frost until October.



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redblossom40(z8-9 sierra)

Vera, I'm sorry that I can't help you with that question. I just plant them in the ground here after the last frost. they pretty much grow just like melons and squash. Real fast, with no problems. I've never started them in the greenhouse before.

Good luck

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Vera_EWASH(z5 EasternWA)

I'm guessing your last frost date is a month before mine tho :)



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Rex888(southern minn.)

Help wanted in northern iowa or southern minn. Thisis aug. 21 and I have quite a few gourds coming. I am a beginner and I am concerned about where to dry them after harvesting. Can they be stored in an unheated unattached garage? Keep in mind plenty of below zero temperatures. Rex888

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pogoduck(zone 4 North Dakota)

I'm interested in an answer to your question too Rex. This is my first year gorwing gourds and I have dozens of nice big gourds out in the gourd jungle. It will be very interesting to see it all after the first frost.

I'm even colder here in North Dakota. I was planning to dry them in the rafters of my garage (by stretching chicken wire to make a wire shelf). I'm concerned about the temps though, as most of our winter is far below freezing and some below zero. I don't suppose the temp matters all that much once it is frozen though. I know most green things rot pretty well after being frozen and thawed, and that would be an aweful spring surprize. Any advise on cold climate gourd drying? Thanks

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gourd_friends(z5/6 IL)

Pogoduck and Rex888,
Sounds like you both have a good plan for drying your gourds. The most important thing is that you harvest them at the right time, and in your climate that could be sooner than later. Just be sure that the stems are brown and dry before you cut them from the vine. Leave about four inches of stem on the gourd. They can be left outside for drying....the freezing won't hurt once they've started drying, or there are several ways of keeping them indoors for drying. Just be sure there is good air circulation, and check them every couple of weeks for gourds that have gone soft or mushy. Mold is a natural process, so don't pitch them if they are just moldy.
Most important, do what works best for you and if you lose a few.........grow more gourds next year!
And, keep visiting the gourd forum to let us know how its going!


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