Do you think this would work okay?

hengal(z5 / IN)February 7, 2005

Hi there! I have several 5 gallon pickle buckets from DH's restaurant that I'm going to use in the garden this year. DH is going to remove the bottoms for me. I am contemplating filling them with good soil and planting my gourd seeds in them. The soil in the container would warm more quickly than the ground, and this may offer some protection to young plants from predators by getting them off the ground. They would, naturally grow and sprawl down the sides of the buckets. It would also give me more time to work on pre-emptive weed control before the roots grow out the bottom of the buckets into the ground below.

I always start my seedlings inside but lately I've been reading alot where the ones planted directly outside have had greater success some times than those transplanted. Mine did take a while last year it seems, so I thought I'd try it both ways this year. What do you think?

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One thing I`d be sure to do if you try this, is to pile some mulch, dirt, or something around your pot once the weather gets to be hot. I`ve never grown gourds in pots like you`re describing, but I had some tomato's roots fry in some that I did like that one year. seems the direct sunlight made the soil a bit TOO warm...

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Lillie1441(b3 TX)

I tried growing gourds last summer in 5 gallon buckets with drainage holes in the bottom with no success.You might try it but as Gourd Guy said pile mulch around the bottom of the buckets as the sun gets hotter.That may have been part of my problem as I was growing them on my uncovered deck that gets all the afternoon sun,and I live in W TX.I know I won't try it again though.
Good luck........Lillie

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