Length of these four squash vines?

potterhead2(z5b NY)February 17, 2011

I'm planning to trellis my squash plants this year in the hopes that better airflow will slow down the powdery mildew. My question is how long will the vines get of these varieties? I want to plan the length of the trellis correctly.

1. spaghetti squash (pasta hybrid)

2. acorn squash (honey bear)

3. pumpkin (early sweet sugar pie)

4. tromboncino rampicante (grown as summer squash)

Last year the spaghetti, acorn, and pumpkin grew together on the ground into a huge mass of leaves and vines that were wiped out by PM in early August. This year I'm going to trellis, spray with milk and/or baking soda (any advise there?) and I have switched the Acorn to a PM resistant variety.

The garden is in full sun, zone 5 (upstate NY).

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Only the acorn is a compact variety, the rest will get a 12' - 25' vine. Just follow the recommendations for spacing on the seed packets if you are worried about spacing. If you haven't trellised before the vines will tend to go to the top of the trellis and run along the top. So it is important to redirect the vine as necessary. Also make sure you have a sturdy trellis. PM seems to hit around the same time each year so more important than spacing is planting time, the sooner you can plant the better.

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