Japanese beetles 2010

esh_gaJune 3, 2010

So far I haven't seen one. Does that mean I got lucky this year? Or is it just a bit on the early side?

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haven't seen them in my yard either. maybe the extended cold of the past winter took a toll on them. could be their emergence is delayed, too. i still have some hippeastrum flowers that were late to emerge and are normally finished by mid-may.

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They just arrived at Flowery Branch. I was gong to cut off spent blooms on Knockout roses. I think I will wait a couple of weeks. Haven't seen them on anything else.....yet.

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ladywindsurfer(Z7 SE)

Saw evidence of JBs feasting upon some of my Roses. Checked for damage on Oakleaf Hydrangeas, found none. That's where I usually first find them.
Didn't see any last year or no damage. They must have been around, to deposit their eggs in the area.

I once grew an aquatic Canna cultivar 'Ra' (Longwood Yellow), that was a magnet for JBs. The lady across the street always hung up traps each year, which attracted them in droves. I had to dispose of the Cannas, to reduce the losses!

I seldom use chemical controls, but I'm tempted, since they have elected to attack my Roses! What is best to use? The all purpose Sevin? Orthene? Other brands? I guess it's too late to apply Milky Spore for grub control?

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buford(7 NE GA)

put the milky spore down. It will help for the next few years.

I only use a spray if I have tons of JB, which I haven't had in a few years. Usually I use the pick and drown in a jar method. Or I just squish them.

If you do spray, spray the insects directly, not the plant. That will kill them faster and limit damage to good bugs.

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Last year I did use the "pick and drown in a jar" method. I am hoping that the lack of beetles so far is in part validation of my success with that method. And I hate to spray things. And I'm cheap. And lazy. Really.

Fingers crossed that my luck continues. I did find just a couple grubs when I was edging the grass last week. (Japanese beetle grubs live in grass roots for those of you that don't know.)

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I've never been able to pick and drown -- they just fly away before I can grab them!

I haven't seen any yet, either. I have been removing a lot of grass though, and tossing the grubs (quite a few) to their deaths in the road. ( I feel a little mean doing that....)


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scmatlanta_gw(8a - Athens GA)

Have seen a few here in Athens the last 2 days. If you use the pick and squish/drown method you have to do it while they are still sleepy - say before 11 am. Wear gloves and it is not so repulsive.
Spraying Neem oil is supposed to deter and/or poison them. I also hate to use chemical pesticides - especially having watched blue jays feasting on the JBs. On the other hand though, they can do huge amounts of damage if left to get on with it. Our magnets have been Harry Lauder's Walking Stick contorted Hazelnut, Crepe Myrtles, roses (of course) and they seem to like to 'rest' in Japanese maples.

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You don't always have to squish them. I use a cut out gallon-sized milk jug with soapy water - hold it under the bug and touch it. They have this habit of dropping straight down as a defense mechanism and will usually fall into the water on their own!

You may need to practice this a bit, but once you get the hang of it, it's pretty easy.

It's good to learn your "indicator" plants and then watch for them to appear on those first. I should check my neighbor's roses.

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Ooops -- spoke too soon! I saw one today on my cannas.

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I found one yesterday morning on a pepper plant. I only saw a few last year - fairly new garden.

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They are every where in Augusta/Evans, GA. They have been eating my KO roses and Crapes for the past month. Not sure why you all haven't had any!??! I tried spraying some soapy water on the KO in the evening which didn't work so said screw it lets use some poison and sprayed w/ Sevin solution and that has worked so far. Amazing how I have a nice rose bloom in the morning and by 5pm its completely eaten.

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I've JUST started noticing them. We trapped last year and the year before and I think it MIGHT have helped reduce the population. Not sure though. I need to do the milky spore thing, but I'm going to be honest...I'm not sure what the deal is with that stuff. For instance, can you put it down just any old time? Or does it have to be at a certain time of year, or when the temps haven't gotten above a certain degree, or etc?

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