pumpkin flowers are edible

merizsaFebruary 13, 2008

I have read with interest where a lot of new pumpkin growers are asking why there are many male flowers and hardly any female flowers. The male flowers normally bloom at a diferent time from the female flowers. This is to discourage self pollination,( Kind of like incest)

Well make use of the male flowers. They can be eaten. Cut out all the male flowers with about 2 inches of its stem, cut the young leaves and shoots too. Remove the stamen from the flower. Heat two spoonful of oil in a frying pan or wok. Throw in two teaspoonful of chopped garlic. Before the garlic turns brown add a dash of salt or a tiny bit of Knorrs chicken stock cubes. Throw in the leaves and young shoots..stir fry for about a minute then add in the flowers. Fry for about 20 seconds and turn off fire. Makes a delicious dish to be eaten with rice.

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naturegirl_2007 5B SW Michigan(5B SW Michigan)

I didn't realize the young leaves and shoots could be eaten, too. I like eating the flowers and look forward to trying your recipe with the added greens and seasonings. It's gonna be awhile, though. We are being hit by another snowstorm tonight and tomorrow :)

Why do you remove the stamens?

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I am not sure why the stamen is removed. the recipe I read indicated to remove the stamen. The young leaves and shoots can be blanched first before stir frying them. My maid tells me that back home in their village they blanch it and rub it to remove the hairy bits on the leaves and shoots. Hope you find his pumpkin flower dish delicious. I am from malaysia but this dish is popular in northern Thailand.

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