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celeste(zone 4 NH)July 27, 2014

So I've been so busy, busy that I have hundreds of stored pictures from this bloom season that I haven't had a second to share. Today being Sunday I only have Mom and the newest little one to care for so I am going to do a couple of posts to try to (somewhat) get started on catching up. Hope you enjoy them!


My season always kicks off in early July with ORANGUTAN, my very earliest to bloom:

BARBARA MITCHELL came next, a couple days later:

Another shot of the foxgloves which bloomed in June, hiding my house.....

The roses looked great for about a week then the japanese beetles started up and destroyed them

and just a sampling of the asiatic lilies that bloomed already.....

This is SUNAPEE SUNSET blooming amidst the daisies....it is by a local New Hampshire hybridizer

SUNAPEE SUNSET, up close....

FIRES OF VARANASI blooms early

As does ROYAL TROPHY which is a huge 7-1/2 inch bloom that does not fade in the sun....\

I can always count on INCENDIARY to bloom early and to bloom for a long time.

RED EYED FANTASY is always early here....

SMUGGLER'S FIRE puts on a vibrant show in the long border by the road....

Now I'm going to attempt to post another thread with more earlies! Thanks for looking!

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Beautiful as always, Celeste. I think Incendiary is my pick of them. Glad you have a relative few to do something for yourself.

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Maryl zone 7a

I like that Sunapee Sunset. The local hybridizer should be very please with that one. Even has a nice maroon edge to it. Lovely.......I have always wished I had room to grow Foxgloves. They are so pretty when in bloom......Your regular lilies are beautiful. They don't survive too long in our heavy clay soil so it's nice to see others pictures of them.........Maryl

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The white rose is? Glad you're posting now. How vigorous is Red Eyed Fantasy for you? I don't see many northern posts of it; it is, after all, an evergreen. Like the picture of Sunapee Sunset with the Shasta. The pic of Barbara Mitchell captures its beauty very well.

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Julia NY(6)

Very nice Celeste. Looks like your garden didn't skip a beat from this past winter.


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twixanddud(z5/6 SE Mich)

Beautiful daylilies and other flowers too! My favorite is Orangutan, it looks incredible.

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jean_ar(z8 Ar)

gorgeous blooms again. you have the most beautiful gardens. LOve BARBARA MITCHELL its been on my wish list for a while. your INCENDIARY is very pretty too. Mine has bloomed once in last 3 years.guess it needs to be dug up too and shoved in a pot with potting soil. your Asiatic lilies are so pretty. I just love them and you have the most beautiful colors in them, too.Thank you for sharing your gorgeous gardens.


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Beautiful! All those roses and lilies with lots of blooms! I am down to one rose hehe and it managed to have its three wilty blooms before the beetles came.
Barbara Mitchell looks so nice, such a delicate pink. Incendiary is nice too, it has pretty sepals :)

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Nancy zone 6

They are all so beautiful! I really like Orangutan, but I think Incendiary is my favorite, one I always admire. Your asiatics are so pretty!

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celeste(zone 4 NH)

THANK YOU all for commenting on these. It makes the effort worthwhile!
Mantis, to answer your questions the white rose is a David Austin 'Windermere'. It's a terrific bloomer and survives my winters well BUT the pale coloring attracts japanese beetles like no other. The light colored roses, particularly the Austins for some reason, are the favorite food of the beetles so I don't have but a couple of weeks to enjoy the blooms before they arrive. After that they are destroyed. I have gotten rid of over 100 roses because of this. I hold onto to this one for the 2 weeks I get to enjoy it because it's a beauty.
Also, Red Eyed Fantasy is planted up against the foundation of my house instead of in the open. Being an evergreen I wanted to give it the warmest spot. It has improved greatly this year but in prior years it was a sparse bloomer. It has bloomed well this year and the clump has finally multiplied but it has taken 4 years to get there. So not particularly vigorous. It was on my 'watch' list to shovelprune but it redeemed itself....lol.


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