Bushel gourds

beebop7(8a NWFLA)February 13, 2007

Hi....does anyone have any bushel gourd seeds they would be willing to part with for shipping? I am trying to get as many varieties as I can so that I can (hopefully) sell enough that I can keep my furred and finned kids with food and check ups!

I would truly appreciate it more than I can tell you.

Thanks for reading this:)

~^..^~ ~>*)))>

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I would also like to try some.We planted too late last year,they did OK.I would like to know if horse manure is the best fert, I keep hearing it's the one to use.I have angel wing gourd seeds to swap.If sucsessful I would be happy to "pay it forward" this fall.I have set aside two acres to gourds for this yr. I have most of the common ones,but every time I look there is somethig new.Any and all help/advice will be appreciated

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