Have Any Of You Received This Email?

sandhill_farms(10 NV)February 18, 2005

I just received the following email and was wondering if any of you received it as well? I didn't respond to it because I have no seeds to give, and also because I'm a very cautious person. Notice that there's no address to send seeds to anyway.

Delivered-To: gsmith@mvdsl.com

To: gsmith@mvdsl.com

From: razan1969@yahoo.com (massom)

Date: Fri, 18 Feb 2005 18:11:01

X-visitor: 12851078264582


X-mailer: Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows NT 5.1)

Subject: gourd seed request

[This message originated at GardenWeb]

Hi Dear Greg:I am a student of agriculture and living in Iran.I have to working on growing gourds for my thesis but unfortunately i did,nt find specialy ornamental ones in my country.I greatly apreciate if you kindly send me just a few seeds of your gourds.That is very kind of you.with my best wishesM.Reza.Rezai


Sandhill Farms


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yeah, I got something very similar to what you posted.

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sandhill_farms(10 NV)

"yeah, I got something very similar to what you posted."

So being the cautious one that I am, (and now curious), what do you feel the rub is on this?

Sandhill Farms

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I just received this email also. I was curious to see if anyone else had gotten it so I mozied on over here to the gourd forum and here you are with the same email. I donÂt have any seeds but did notice there was no address.

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Probably harmless. The e-mail I got had no address,nothing sinister attached to it, and seemed to be generated from an on-line language translator. My guess would be that it was a sincere request for free gourd seeds. I wonder how gourds would grow in Iran?

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gourd_friends(z5/6 IL)

I got the same email, and figured it was legit---but we don't grow any ornamentals and wouldn't have saved seed from them anyhow.
As for how ornamentals would grow in Iran, I think they would have less a chance than hard shell gourds.


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Clare(z6 MO)

Beautiful, delicious melons are grown in Iran. Therefore, I think gourds would do very well.

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pepe85323(9 az)

I noticed that the e-mail address is from the US, but anybody can sign up for one from there US or not. Whoever sent it may be trolling. You answer and he has a confirmed address to sell.

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