Grass clippings

gmom74June 5, 2008

We had a lawn service last year- fired them this year. But I am wondering if the grass clippings we saved in a mulch pile are safe to use around plants or dug into the soil for new plantings. By the time the grass was cut and the clippings picked up, the chemical was dry. But I'm wondering if chemicals are left even in the dried clippings. I hope they can be used- there's a huge pile of them.

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No body knows- We have so many I guess I'll take a chance with some things and see what happens.

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The only thing I might not use them for is around vegetables.

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I guess I would mostly be concerned about toxicity in food I was growing. I wouldn't chance using the clippings around food plants especially if you don't know what chemicals were used. Some of the lawn chemicals can be persistent.

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Thanks chez and esh- I would only use them around flowers- no edibles.

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