Faux Pumpkin

whatcomyodan(z7 WA)February 16, 2005

I am told that most store-bought canned punpkin is not really pumkin, but a variety of squash. I want to buy some seeds of this squash. Can anyone out there tell us what the name of this squash is, and perhaps where seeds can be bought? The only name I have come up with so far is "Kershaw Squash"; however I can't even get a google hit on it.

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gourd_friends(z5/6 IL)

Now, I would never have guessed that there might be a squash hiding in there!
I'll have to read the ingredients on the next can of pumpkin I buy.

I think you might be looking for cushaw melon, or crenshaw squash. Personally, I prefer Hubbard for baking or making pies.

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whatcomyodan(z7 WA)

FDA gave permission to the industry to note "pumpkin" as the sole ingredient. Not a lot of space in the bed I have dedicated to this, so I will be trying out one variety at a time. Cushaw get's lots of www hits. Thanks

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lizabug(Zone 5 IL.)

Try looking for what is called actually a varity of names Neck Pumpkin - Squash or Melon Squash. If you can't find the seed without a lot of trouble, I would be glad to mail you a packet if you pay for the postage and want to this. ~Liz~

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Hi I think what you are looking for is the "Neck Pumpkin" a moschata type sometimes "Melon Squash". I've read two places that this is what is used for commercial pumpkin production. I've grown it in West Virginia and highly recommend it. It tastes sweeter than traditional pumpkin, is a deeper orange, very smooth, VERY productive, open pollinated, and vigorous (takes a lot of space). I have had very little disease and insect problems compared to other pumpkins. You can use it in any pumpkin recipe.

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Libby's uses the Dickinson (C. moschata) acording to which source you called up, they process 85- 90% of the canned pumpkin sold. Cushaws (C. Mixta) have been used, as have the Cheese pumpkins (C. moschata). Note that pumpkin is used for some squash, but they are all squash including the Halloween types. Other than the round orange things, there does not seem to be much rhyme or reason why some are called pumpkins and others winter squash. Last time I checked Sandhill Preservation has the Dickinson.
Cheese pumpkins

Here is a link that might be useful: Libby's Canned pumpkin

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Looks like a great one. Thanks Farmerdilla!

Tahlequah, OK

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My grandmother used to make Kershaw all the time. It was my favorite!!! I love it with crowder peas. I know the two seem an unlikely pair but for some reason she made the two together and I eat them the same way even today.
She cut the squash up into cubes and simmered them untill soft and added sugar, butter and cinnamon. I add a little pumpkin spice usually when I make it. I like it almost all mushed up to get the flavor all the way thru.
Someone wrote that they are aggresive.... YES they are so give them room!

Good Luck

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