I would like to trade for some hard shelled gourds

kvalentz(5- NE Ohio)February 29, 2008


I would like to make some more birdhouses from gourds again this year, and I would like to try some different varieties. I have used Swan Neck gourds and Birdhouse gourds, does anyone have anything different that they think I would like to use to make birdhouses out of? I like the Apple gourds that I have seen, for one. A website that I was just on researching different types of gourds uses leather dye to dye the gourds, I have always painted and sealed them but they look awesome. Has anyone ever dyed them? Please take a look at my trade list and if you find something to trade I would be thrilled!

Thank you, Kathy

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magickiwi(Zone 5 Michigan)

Hi Kathy
I don't have any gourds myself - have you checked with the Ohio Gourd Society? Do a google search and see what you come up with. If you plan to be at the Indiana Gourd Show (South Bend IN) there will be many vendors there from down south who have amazingly stong and thick-shelled gourds - Tom Keller is one I like to buy from as his gourds are nice, clean and thick - so perfect for chip carving! Last year at the Indiana show there was a woman there who was showing dying gourds with Rit dye ... perhaps someone in here has information on doing that. If you want brighter colors you could check out Mardi Gourds for the Memories Inks - they come in all colors and are color fast - won't fade. Wish I could help you more but that is about it from me ... for now!
Magic in Michigan

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