How many of you can relate to this?

mk87June 12, 2009

I took the day off from work to get some plants in the ground today. I have been looking forward to it all week. Before I dug my holes, I went over to the bins to get some compost. I leaned over and opened the first bin and came face-to-face with a big buzzy hornets' nest!

Jumped back so fast (and I guess somehow twisted myself in the process), that I've wrenched my lower back and now I can't dig the holes for my plants.

Looking back, I'm sure it was a funny sight, but it isn't so funny now. :( Luckily, hubby took the day off with me today too, and (although many of you know that he is NOT a gardener), I think he will be willing to be a hole-digger for a few minutes, so at least the plants I bought will probably get in the ground.

This BLOWS though...I had planned to spend the whole day out there today.

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shot(8 - GA)

MK87, some days are diamonds and some days are stone...
Sounds like you hit a stone day. At least you got them in the ground... now the diamond days begin. Look at the bright side, at least you didn't get stung by the insects.

Hope your back gets better.


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shot -- LOL Very true! Sometimes you're the windshield...sometimes you're the bug...wait...I was the windshield today, but the bugs...oh nevermind...


Hubby said this morning that he had read some study somewhere that said more people were injured trying to KEEP FROM getting stung (bitten, etc...depends on the varmint) by something, than would've been stung (bitten, etc) in the first place!

Good to see you! How did #1 son do with the tractor? Does the garden grow great this year?

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shot(8 - GA)

Hi MK! Glad to see that you have a positive attitude, but I can feel the disappointment. I don't doubt what your hubby says as I know I would take "a bullet" for my wife any day.

Number 1 son did good. Later on this afternoon I will take some updated pictures and show you. He called the other day and asked his mom when the corn would be ready as he would come down and help me gather it. She had a heck of time tryimg to relay to him that you can't tell much in advance. When it's ready - it's ready!

Wife and I planted some more corn and peas (southern, of course) and I'm glad we did or we wouldn't have any peas as the first ones (ones #1 son planted) didn't many last through the washouts from the rain, cold weather, and the deer, but two were rare for this area, foot long peas & black crowders, so we wanted to hopefully get enough for next year. She and I planted two pounds each of White Acres & Pinkeye Purple hulls. My fav is Red Rippers and I don't think I have any of those planted.
Here I am rambling on...... get me started on my favorite hobby (well wood working too, but my wife won't let me near any power tools!)

Here are a few of the items that I have built since retiring.

Will upate the pics later today and thanks for putting up with me. BTW: I can get on & off the tractor now... just a struggle.

Thanks for putting up with me.


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shot -- Wow...that's a pretty amazing repetoire! The lighted shelf is very cool, btw.

Yes, I'd love to see some pix of your gardens...they are always so impressive! You would laugh at ours this year. Hubby did build me some nice raised beds in the late winter...just doing tomatoes and peppers this year, as it's my first time with the beds and I'm not positive that they are going to stay in this spot. So, I wanted to see how it went, before maybe expanding to some peas/beans next year. Anyway, I had a painful wisdom tooth emergency, then had to go out of town for work and then Hubby was sick, then I had a very busy two-three weeks at work, etc, etc, and the beds "go" for a bit, not realizing they were growing like MAD! LOL When we finally realized everything needed staking, we basically just had to open out 6-7 tri-fold cages and make one, big cage for the whole mess! LOL It's pretty funny looking, but I have to say, those are some of the best looking tomatoes we have ever grown. We certainly can't take credit for them this year's basically God and Miracle-Gro potting soil. Did we even water them...? Uh...hmmm...I think twice. LOL Seriously...God and the good soil. We did NOTHING. Can't even call ourselves gardeners for this crop! :)

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shot(8 - GA)

MK, sounds like you and hubby did fine! Who cares what they look like just as long as they do the job.

Remember those days of tooth aches :( They are painful. Had a deep cleaning some years ago and now go to the dentist on a regular basis. Haven't had a tooth ache in about 20 years...... knock on wood.

I just made a run around the garden in the heat and took some pictures. Here are a couple of them. As you can see, the field corn is much taller than the sweet corn. Should have a mess of sweet corn in about a week in another patch.

Oh, included a picture of my Club Car that gives me the freedon of moving around.


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Oh mk, that sounds awful! I do hope you're better soon.

Shot - lovely corn! And what a lovely car - thank goodness there's room for the dog as well.

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shot(8 - GA)

Hi ESH! Was hoping you would join us. Thanks for the 'flowers' about the pictures. I tell you, that buggy is a life saver for a crippled old man.

I am about as passionate about my corn as you are about your flowers.

All have a good weekend.


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Shot, what a talented young man you are! Those pictures are awesome! Glad that you are mobile again, and that the corn is doing well. Take care.

MK- hope you are feeling better this morning. Sometimes husbands just need to garden!! Glad you got all the plants in. We had more rain here last night, hope you did too so that the plants were watered in.

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shot -- GORGEOUS garden usual! Are you doing any sunflowers again this year? The wisdom tooth thing was my own fault...I didn't get it removed with the other one on that same side that had given me trouble a few years ago, and it caught me at a bad time. (Well...when is there ever a GOOD time for that to happen though?) Live and learn... LOVE the car...Hubby is always threatening to get a golf cart! LOL He doesn't of course, because he knows I'd probably take it over to use it to cart plants and tools all over the place. :)

esh -- It's better...sore, but better. I'm not letting it ruin my rare, 3-day weekend though! Hubby and I ran up to a nursery in Fayetteville today...Andy's...have you ever heard of it? We meant to also go to Nearly Native, but just didn't get around to it today. Think we will probably go in the next week or two though. Hubby wants to check out their birds again! LOL

bmmalone -- Yep, we got some rain...not sure how much. I woke up when it was thundering, but it wasn't TOO wet out this morning, so not sure it was a lot. I watered them in yesterday and will go out there again in the a.m. and give 'em another drink. I am starting to think maybe the spot I picked might get a teensy bit more sun than I originally imagined, but I think they will be OK. It's an experiment. They are planted right next to a french drain "end," where water will run right down next to them on a slight incline. I think that will make them happy...we'll see. Did you get all of your lilies and iris divided this week? THAT sounds like a job!

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shot(8 - GA)

MK, hope you are feeling better. I think we all can relate to the pain that you have been through. We all remember those wisdom teeth.... awwy
Thanks for the compliments on the pictures. About the sunflowers, no I am not planting any this year as I just kinda stuck with the basics, peas & corn. My wife has two raised beds of tomatoes.
My life long best friend is in about the same shape as me, but he owns a dealership and I don't, so he sent the Club Car down to me. He came down this past week (from Warner Robins) and we rode around for 4 hours looking at our childhood. My butt was so sore I could barely get up the next day! Aw, come on... let hubby get a golf cart... then take it away from him.... like my zero turn mower... I am not even allowed on it and it was suppose to be for me!
Birds... like the good son that always sent his mom & dad something at Christmas as he travelled all over the world. This past year he sent him an exotic bird from South America and later phoned to check on it. He asked his dad if he got the bird. Dad replied, "yep, and it was delious too". The son almost yelled at him and said "Dad, that was an exotic bird, expensive amd spoke two languages". Dad said, "Well, he should have spoke up then".

ESH, this is like old times getting to message you back and forth. The cart is nice, just plug it in and charge the batteries every few days. The dog loves to ride with my wife. Will ride with me sometimes. It is a dog pound dog, but made a home here as did the other dog, both have been fixed.

BMMALONE, thanks for the remarks on the pictures. I took them from the club car. Actually, my wife can take better pics than I, but she was at work. Someone has to work in the family...
You called me young man, I am 64 if you call that young. Guess it is a relative term.
The rain has been missing us for the past few days. I've heard that you should cut back on watering corn when it is near maturing. If I get a mess of corn in a week or two I will take a pic of it and post it.


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MK hope you are feeling better today. I'm sure the plants will be fine!

Shot - yes you are right, age is a relative term and judging by your posts, you are a spring chicken! Loved the pictures of the corn - that's a lot of corn - do you and your family eat all of it?

Esh you sound as thought you have been busy. Things are quietening down here, I'll email you later in the week.

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shot(8 - GA)

MK, give us an update on your condition.

BMMALONE, we eat a pretty good bit of corn plus we have relatives & friends that are happy to help out... I bought a corn grinder off of ebay awhile back and am anxious to try it out making grits & corn meal. Now we just need the rain as it is tassling.
ESH is always a busy lady.


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shot -- Sorry so late in answering this...thank you for the concern! :) I tried not to let the back situation mess up my weekend, but I MAY be paying for it a little bit this week. I'm having some problems sitting all day at work...just not the right position to make the injury happy, I guess. But, overall, I feel much better!

I'm jealous of the corn, btw. We just don't have the room to plant enough corn to make the effort worth it unfortunately...however...I think we are going to be just LOUSY with tomatoes and poblanos and serranos. Kind of ho-hum-anybody-can-grow-those, I know...but I am definitely looking forward to some homemade gazpacho!

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