Crown Squash Seed Variability

mrs.b_in_wy(5a WY)February 20, 2010

I received my Baker Creek order and can hardly wait for spring. In the meantime, I was going to offer to share some of these Crown squash seeds with another member. When I opened the package and looked at the seeds, I figured I'd better consult the experts first :)

Many of the seeds are plump, with tan tops/bottoms and a cream-colored edge. Others, though, are the color and texture of bleached bones and a lot flatter/thinner than the others. The tan seeds with the crackly-looking tops aren't plump like the shiny tan ones either.

To be fair, I've never even seen Crown squash seeds until now, let alone grown them. Maybe these are perfectly normal...? I'm leaning toward not offering to share them for fear someone will wind up disappointed.

Thoughts anyone? Thank you!

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Bet you could e-mail Baker Creek and they could tell you. I'm not sure what to say. Could be that there is variability in the variety. Those all look like c. maxima seeds, which fits the variety. Are the white seeds plump and filled out?

Tahlequah, OK

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mrs.b_in_wy(5a WY)

Thank you George.

The white seeds aren't plump. Neither are the crackly-looking tan ones. They're pretty flat compared to the shiny tan ones, but they don't bend or anything like that. In the picture above, I propped a shiny tan seed and a white one up on their edges to try to illustrate the difference in their cross sections.

Messaging Baker Creek directly is a good idea.

Thanks again.

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I have an order with "Baker Creek" I'll have to check on my seeds....I'm no "Macmex" but have handled a lot of seeds and I would say it sure looks like at least two different kinds of seeds in your lot....What Mrs.B, no "Strawberry Crown" squash seeds......I have printed this twice and an advertizement keeps showing up after strawberry....

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mrs.b_in_wy(5a WY)

Haha groall. Nope, no Strawberry Crown. Maybe I'll run across it one of these days. I'll be sure to let you know if I do ;)

I did send an inquiry to Baker Creek this evening. I'll share whatever I learn.

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If the white seeds are not plump, then chances are that they are simply immature seeds which didn't get sorted out before packaging. That's just my suspicion.


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mrs.b_in_wy(5a WY)

Thank you again George.

I must say, Baker Creek's communication with customers is tops. Here is what I had in my mail box bright and early this morning:

I checked your picture and then opened a sampling here, and saw the same thing. In the sample I examined the white seeds appeared fully formed and had a normal looking kernel inside. Crown is a maxima squash and some maximas have the plump, dark tan seeds whilst others have white seeds with a ridged margin. So I'm not sure what's happening here. I'm not sure if this is a maturity issue, a crossing issue, or what. Or, whether Crown has both forms normally. I'm conducting a trial this season to try and figure this out.

I did pull a replacement packet that I inspected, and would like to send to you, if you'll furnish your address. Thanks so much for writing.


Be sure to subscribe to The Heirloom Gardener magazine!!!
Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Co.
2278 Baker Creek Rd
Mansfield, MO 65704
Tel: 417-924-8917

Communication like this is a sure-fire way to earn and keep my loyalty. There are companies I've called and e-mailed (if that's a verb) multiple times and never received so much as an acknowledgment.

I did tell Randel that sending a replacement package is unnecessary, for there are plenty of seeds for my needs in the original packet.

I like the idea of conducting a trial, too. I'm planning to grow plants from tan seeds in my garden and plants from white seeds in my cousin's garden. It won't be scientific, but I'll be less likely to mix things up :)

Thanks again everyone!

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That IS good service!


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Did you ever get your "Crown" seed problem 'trialed' out and see if both the white and the tan seeds were good. I'm thinkin of getting some 'CROWN' and 'STRAWBERRY CROWN' seeds. ILOVE sqhash!

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I wanted to buy at rareseeds Baker Creek this year, and I am very glad to have not done so. I bought New Zealand Blue crown from bobby-seeds then and got best shiny tan shells without any signs of diseases. Your picture showes heaviest contamination with fusarium. Every breeder knows about the toxicity of fusarium mycotoxins and never sells such trash!
So please do not anger your cousin!
Iôve breeded a new and very large orange crown pumpkin with white mirror, and I grow all crowns I can get for tries. And I would like to grow this lime-green to light blue variety too.
If you grow this contaminated seed, please fight fusarium in soil with actinovate from Texas.

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