Has anyone grown Eight Ball zucchini to fully ripe maturity?

RedpineFebruary 23, 2011

Eight Ball seed is generally sold as zucchini seed, but I have read that it is actually a green and orange striped pumpkin that is just usually picked immature as summer squash. That the seed isn't sold as pumpkin seed because supposedly striped pumpkins do not sell well in the marketplace.

I am thinking about letting a few plants ripen the fruit to maturity this year.

Does anyone know the hardness of the mature skin? Does the skin turn hard like a regular pumpkin or stay soft like a marrow squash?

Does anyone know the quality of the mature flesh?

Any other info about it would be appreciated as well.


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I let several of mine go last year, and they do resemble a pumpkin with narrow green stripes. They do not develop as hard a shell as a pumpkin, but they keep a long, long time. I didn't try eating them.


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