2004 Corsican Gourd Seeds

NoSupplies(z6MO)March 31, 2005

I believe i have seeds, I planted one last year and all the Gourds sat outside all year long, I just cut one open, it is dried nicely inside and out. I think there may be Viable seeds in it. Is there anyone that would be interested in trying them, not sure how to ship them but could try and find out if anyone is interested in trying them.

I hate to see them go to waste as I have room for ONE gourd plant if I plant again this year. I may wait until next year due to growing more Tomato's ))


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I'd be happy to try some seeds,did you want to exchange or SASE?Thanks

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That would be great you can send me an Email and I'll send you my address. I sat down the other night 170 mocha colored seeds and as I read in other posts all the white ones smashed quite easily.
More Info also, These are Bowl type Gourds the biggest Gourd was about 10" in Diameter and the smaller ones about 6".

Days to Emerge 5-10 Days, Seed Depth 1" Seed spacing per hill,
Hill spacing 6'-8' When several leaves appear thin to 3 per hill.
140 days warm season crop

I'll send ya as many as they will allow in an envelope can prolly get away with a dozen )


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spider(z5 IN)

Hi' I would like to try some if you have any left. Have a good day.
Thanks - Spider

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