Charlie's Soap Users... do you add TSP or Borax?

kristimamaAugust 27, 2009

To those of you who have had success with Charlie's, can you tell me if you use Borax or TSP or even STPP to make it more effective with hard water? Their recommendation (and a lot of consensus over on the laundry board) is that if you have hard water (mine is on the med-hard side) you may need TSP or STPP (phosphates) to make it work. I'm finding that adding Borax doesn't improve it's cleaning capabilities, and I don't think that TSP and STPP are all that eco-friendly.

Any thoughts on your own experience you can share?

I want to love CS, but I'm not there yet.



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Maybe someone on the Organic Gardening Forum would know.

Best luck!

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If you're on Facebook, look up Charlie's Soap. You might post the question there as both the company and other users can read and comment.

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