looking for jerry, star , nc, last time

BlueSkyEyzesMarch 26, 2005

Hi :)

this is my last attempt...

I got a SASE, from someone named JERRY, return address, is STAR NC.

No note inside, NOTHING!!!!

I have no idea what to send, cant find this person in my e-mail either!!!

Not to complain, ...well...I wish everyone could AT LEAST throw in a piece of paper, with their GW name and SASE info!! 
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chiggie14(zone 9)

Can't help you with Jerry. But I'm kinda new here and I have a question. What is SASE? I keep seeing it and I know it has something to do with trading seeds, but what does is stand for? Thanks! :)

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Lillie1441(b3 TX)

Self Addressed Stamped Envelope.......Lillie

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