tell me about collard/mustard greens & pak choy

tumblingtomatoesMay 1, 2009

HI everyone,

I have seen some info on the health benefits of eating greens but haven't ever grown or eaten them before other than swiss chard.

How do they taste? Collards? Mustards? Are they easy to grow? Will they do well here in Space Coast/central Fl areas? When is the best time to plant? Can they both be harvested young as baby greens for salads or lightly sauteeing?

My family loves bok choy & saw seed for extra dwarf pak choy which to us looks like a mini bok choy. Is it the same/similar? Will it grow in Florida? When to plant? Thanks! Have a great day!

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They're all delicious, and healthy - and they love to mature in cool weather. Best time to plant is fall or very early spring. Yes, you can add them young to salads, but most people like them cooked. The traditional southern method (collards, mustards, turnip greens, etc..) is to braise them with a little onion and some kind of pork product like bacon or ham. I also like to add a little veggie stock or chicken stock to the braising liquid, although a lot of people just really on the bacon or ham hocks to flavor the water. They're all delicious, and very good for you. Enjoy!

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Thanks very much for the info! :)

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tumblingtomatoes---Check out the "Vegetable Highlight:Collards" thread that I started a few weeks ago. It has info and some great recipes.


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