Panicum Dallas Blues

katob Z6ish, NE PaJanuary 22, 2011

I like this grass alot but was wondering about the seeds on it.... even though native switchgrass is common around here and seems to spread well, Dallas Blues never seems to have seeds that fill out properly. The seed heads look great but I don't think the seed is viable.

I guess it's a good thing as far as reseeding, but the birds probably lose out on the deal.

Oh. My actual question is -is it sterile or am I too far north for it's seed to mature before freezing?.... The Dallas part of it's name tipped me off to the too far north idea....

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I think you're right..the seeds don't have time to ripen enough to be viable. If they did, I still doubt they would come true to the parent. I grow P.v.'Northwind' and P.a.'Dewey Blue' and both reseed(I have perfect conditions for Switchgrass), but neither come true. I get some interesting variations, but not the real thing in either case.

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katob Z6ish, NE Pa

I would be happy with some interesting variations!

For my garden I can get enough divisions off the main plant to fill my needs for clones(which is scheduled for the spring) but I was just wondering why the seed looks empty. I'm sure the birds would enjoy another place to peck around for a couple bites to eat, so fertile seed would be better. Interesting that your other cultivars self seed and you see some of the parent in the kids.

I'll have to take note this fall to see when the "dallas blues" bloom takes place and compare this to the other switchgrass. Maybe I can do some cross pollinating and get some good seed and some interesting results!

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