Is there more than one type of Basketball Gourd ?

glorybee(6b)March 16, 2006

Hi All,

I have purcased some basketball gourd seeds and then while doing research online I came across a site that mentioned that basketball gourd seed is black like watermelon seed.Well, the seeds I purchased are the brown kind.Is there more than one type.? I specifically wanted this kind of shape because gourds are relatively new to me and I want to try my hand at crafting with them and I don't want to plant something that might be different.



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gourd_friends(z5/6 IL)

Hi Heidi,
First, where did you get the seed? If you bought it from a catalog, or other reputable seed company you should have nothing to worry about.
Second, other people's perceptions of what a seed should look like will differ to some extent. In other words, don't worry about what they say it should look like.
Third, plant them won't know if you don't try!


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Hi Jan,
First of all, I purchased them on ebay .So it does matter because of feedback being left.I want to make sure I am getting exactly what I purchased.What was advertised and pictured.Planting them anyway, is fine if you just want to wing it but I purchased them specifically to craft jack o lanterns out of them so shape matters.I intend on growing 5 different types of gourds and I am having my husband build seperate trellis's for them.As far as different peoples perception of what seed should look like is concerned.There is a really large difference between a black looking watermelon seeds and the brown seeds that I received.Before I email the seller about it I wanted to ask around first to make sure I have my facts straight.Thank you for your enthusiasm and help though :)


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