How long will various winter squash last?

deansfba(z9 SanFranArea)March 17, 2007

I wonder if anyone can come up with a chart/list of how long various winter squash last... I'm all googled out at this point.

When my kids were growing up I ended up one summer with a whole wheelbarrow full of butternut squash. I wondered whether I should give them away but decided to keep them since they keep well. Well, one of my daughters was really into the color orange then and over the winter she finished off the whole lot of them.....God bless the color orange.

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This is my third attempt at posting gardenweb is behaving differently than normal. Maybe it doesn't like the link so here is the data from an article I found:

Pumpkins 2-3 months
Acorn Squash 5-8 weeks
Butternut, turban, buttercup 2-3 months
Hubbard squash 5-6 months
Gourds 3-4 months

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I've had most of those last longer, by far. But I bet that article is probably giving time frames on how long they are really good. I have some c. moschatas (Warsaw Buff Pie Pumpkin and Calabaza de Castilla) out on my porch right now, which could easily make it to about 10 months. They're still VERY good now, at about 6 months. But sometime between now and June they will lose their good quality and end up as chicken feed.

Tahlequah, OK

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Yeah so have I. In my first two posts (that didn't show up) I mentioned that I have a lumina in my room that is 18 months old and I had a maxima that lasted 14 months. But by the third post I got tired of retyping the same thing. It is a good article I just can't post it for some reason. If you go to google and type in "harvesting and storing of pumpkins, winter squash and gourds" it should be the first article.

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Weirdtrev, perhaps you didn't get past the "Preview Message" stage. Occasionally I'll click on that and forget that I have to then follow up with "Submmit."

Here's a tip to avoid retyping: when in doubt, just before you go to submit, 1) make sure the cursor is in the message box, 2) press & hold the control (crtl) key, pecking on the "A" key and letting up on both when you do (this selects all text in the box), 3) Press & hold the control key while pecking and the "C" key, letting up on them both when you do (this copies everything selected into the computer's clipboard).

Then, if you should have a glitch you can 1) click in the message box, and 2)press and hold the control key while pecking on the "V" key. This will copy everything in the computer's clipboard into the window.

I know this sounds like a lot. But if you practice it once or twice you'll find it easy.


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deansfba(z9 SanFranArea)

Thanks, George, for the reminder.
I have started a new Note on my Yahoo Notepad which might be useful for all of you:
It's called Forum Posts. I record each post I send in and those that I am interested in following over a long period. I do this BEFORE I send them, in case I forget to go to that final step in postings, as you say. Also, a lot of times I don't feel like reconstructing the whole post if it doesn't make it through. GardenWeb is good in that you can click off the little box to have future postings sent to you [IF you started the post...another little box would be useful, if you want to get all the future reply to post you didn't start but are interested in AND that come in weeks later, after the post is way down the list and for all purposes 'forgotten' about.] Other forums I use: don't even have the first little box [Cloudforest and Dave's Garden]. These I have in a folder called Garden Forums in my Favorites Drop-down menu. As you get older you need all the help you can get...
BTW I'll send a copy of this to GardenWeb's administrators, God willing ;^P

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Squash storage is so different for different people. I often wonder why. I read that we should only store well ripened squashes after curing. For no particular reason my squashes have always stored well, mostly on the windowsill, even the half grown ones (of the c maxima family).

At the moment we are just eating the last Buttercups, still have Butternuts, Small Flat cheese, Queensland blue, Todo el ano (a bit like marina di chioggia but with flatter warts) and Whangaparoa Crown (aka New Zealand storage pumpkin).

We aim to finish them before the end of May when the garden starts producing lots of vegetables again. The squashes still taste good at that time.

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I live in South Mississippi right near the Gulf. I grew cushaw for the first time this past year. I picked several white cushaw and green striped cushaw in October. They have been fine all winter and are still doing well into March. We eat them as needed.

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rhubarb_stalker(Z5b Western MA)

I grew Kabocha Sunshine last year, and we polished off the last squash yesterday. It was starting to get some bad spots on it. That's about six months of storage in our basement.

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I'm still eating Delicatas harvested last October. Although I'd say they're close to the end. Several have fungus at the stem end. But even those have been good to eat after slicing off the moldy part. An occasional one has poor texture and is tasteless. All in all I'm quite pleased with the way they've lasted.

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girlbug2(z9/10, Sunset zone 24)

I too have had Lumina pumpkins last more than a year. In fact we used it as a decoration one Halloween, and then carved it and ate the seeds the following Halloween! I have no idea how the flesh would have tasted by then. But they do last!

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ajourni(z6a PA)

Lurker chiming in here. I was given some butternut squash a couple of years ago during fall, and two of them accidentally got shoved to the back of the shelves in the basement "cold room." I found them the NEXT fall...and they were still good. They had some small brown spots on them, but the spots were firm, so I baked them and they tasted fine. I never would have thought they'd last that long...maybe the coolness of the room had something to do with it.

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I got a wheelbarrow full of cushaws last fall. (Note to self: Nine cushaw plants is too many.) I've still got about half of them left in tact. I've roasted, pureed, and frozen a lot of them, but I have no idea how long they will last if I just left them alone. Maybe I should set aside a couple and see.

I've kept them in my garage over the winter, which stays cool. But by summer the garage will get pretty hot, so I figure I should use them up before then.

I'm sure it depends a lot on variety of squash and the conditions you store them in.

Also, my cushaws are getting BETTER the longer they store. That may eventually come to an end and they'll start breaking down, but so far their meat has just gotten sweeter and darker orange the longer they sit. The puree is great for baking.

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nygardener(z6 New York)

I'm just eating the last of my Delicata squash and Cinderella pumpkins, which I harvested in September. So that's about seven months. Some rotted, though, so I had to check the stash every week or two. They seem to keep best at about cool room temperature -- they're one vegetable for which cooler storage isn't better.

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